Homemade Penis Pumps

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If one thing is true, it’s that most men will do anything to make their penises bigger. If they can afford it, men will spend a small fortune on penis surgeries that don’t even work most of the time, and if they do work, they leave most men unsatisfied with the results. Men will also spend a lot of cash on penis extenders, vacuum pumps and other risky devices that are best operated under a doctor’s supervision.

In today’s tough economic times, some men don’t want to- or can’t afford to- spend money on enlargement devices and choose to go the do-it-yourself route instead. Some men make homemade penis stretching devices, but it seems that the most popular penis enlargement device is the homemade penis pump.

How To Make A Homemade Penis Pump

So you want to know how to make a homemade penis pump? For the most part, a homemade penis pump works the same way a store-bought penis vacuum pump will. In a typical penis pump, a sealed tube is placed over the penis and suction is applied, which creates a vacuum. This in turn causes the penis’ blood vessels to expand and fill with blood. This is great for men who have problems with erectile dysfunction- or in other words, those who have trouble “getting it up”.

There are many different ways to make a homemade penis pump, but most homemade pumps feature a cylinder, some kind of pumping mechanism on top, and some type of seal that allows a vacuum to be created.

Most commonly, a tennis ball tube or a soda bottle is used for the cylinder. The bottom is usually lined with a thick layer of duct tape or cotton for comfort and to prevent cutting or chafing. A thick layer of tape goes at the top to create a seal, and then a pump- usually a pump from a blood pressure cuff or a handheld basketball pump- is attached to the top to pump out air and create a vacuum. A hole is cut into the side that can be sealed with a finger or something else to create a pressure release valve.

Penis Pump Issues

The penis is a very delicate organ, so as you might imagine, it pays to have a very delicate approach to pumping. This is why you should consult with a medical doctor to make sure that you’re using the penis pump correctly. Today’s modern penis pumps allow you to measure and delicately adjust interior air pressure for maximum comfort and effectiveness, and also feature a pressure release valve for quick relief in case of emergency. They also usually feature a comfort-lined rim to prevent chafing or scarring in the groin region.

Homemade penis pumps, however, don’t have any of these features, or if they do have them, they are extremely crude and aren’t dependable. This creates a higher risk of penile damage, especially when used over the long term. Most men will agree that saving the money is not worth this extra risk.

Other Problems With DIY Penis Pumps

There are two other problems with homemade penis pumps that are also a problem with regular penis pumps. The first problem is that if you aren’t actually having issues with erectile dysfunction, then using a penis pump regularly can create a dependence on a pump to get an erection. In other words, you won’t be able to get an erection at all without a penis pump.

The second problem is that contrary to popular belief, a penis pump doesn’t actually cause your penis to grow. Instead, it helps your penis get filled with blood faster than it would without a pump. This effect, as well as penis enlargement, can be created with the right penis pill. A good penis pill will not only help you get harder, but it will naturally increase the hormone levels in your body that are necessary for penis enlargement.

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