Are Black Men Really Bigger?

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You’ve probably heard the phrase, “once you go black, you never go back.” This seemingly ageless belief has bled into our culture and is perpetuated in both cinema and music — and is even perpetuated by the black community itself. True or not, who’s going to deny a superlative like that? As much as it may be the pride of many a black man, it has become the unspoken bane of other men.

Is the anxiety well-placed though? Perhaps just as relevant (if not more important), how should you feel if you’re a black man with a penis that is “just average”? Are there really ways to get a bigger penis size for black men?

What Does Research Say?

The reality is neither “black nor white”, but dependent on a variety of environmental factors — global region and mixed-race family history, for example.

The Kinsey Institute — a collaborative scientific effort for studies in sex, gender and reproduction, — has found that penis sizes for both black and white men are practically the same. Any disparities in size were considered negligible.

The only considerable difference in penis size was in men of Asian backgrounds. A study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research corroborates those findings. The Council found that in a group of 1,200 men, 60% of them were smaller than the international standard condom size.

Myth: 1, Fact: 0

Before you go declaring the myth busted though, condom manufacturer Durex had to ship crates of specially made extra-large condoms to South Africa after complaints of ill-fitting condoms reached corporate ears (79% of the population there is black with the remaining being a mix of white, Asian and other backgrounds).

This mobilized the World Health Organization to create a new standard of condom sizes for different world regions (meaning regular-to-large will differ relative to the area where they’re sold). The resulting data revealed that predominantly black regions required condoms that were relatively longer and wider than those with predominantly white populations, while Asian areas required condoms slightly thinner and shorter than others.

Myth: 1, Fact: 1?

That study is conflicted by other studies, including one conducted on 300 Nigerian men in 1985. The study found the average flaccid penis length to be just under 3.5-inches, nearly an inch shorter than the typical flaccid length worldwide. Research showed, however, that black men really have a bigger penis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

You might be wondering what all this means for you if you live in the U.S., a veritable melting pot by definition. This is where it gets a bit tricky. While some men from African backgrounds report needing larger than average condoms, African-American men have been largely found not to skew far from average size. This has been attributed to the number of mixed-race children born in the U.S. The conclusion is that if there is any truth to the “once you go black…” axiom, it doesn’t clinically ‘measure up’ with American-born black men.

In Conclusion…

Despite the reality that there are bigger holes in the “black endowment” theory than some men wish they could fill, the media is still doing its job of creating sky-high standards for us to measure up to. If you’re anxious or concerned about fitting in comfortably, there are still some solutions you can turn to, including natural male enhancement. To learn how natural male enhancement can help you measure up, check out our Bigger Penis Product Reviews.