Male Enhancement: Is The Sky The Limit?

With all the money-hungry companies out there trying to make a buck by any means possible, it’s often easy to wonder whether or not some of the most common methods to get a bigger penis are safe, or whether they work at all. After all, much of penis enlargement is “underground”, and therefore lacks the support of extensive, large-scale clinical research, and more prominently, the FDA. So how can you be sure?

Some methods of male enhancement can be safe and effective if you educate yourself first. Here are some of the most common methods of male enhancement, and their effectiveness:

Penis Enlargement Surgery:

The overall gain from surgery depends on the kind of surgery being performed. Some surgeries will allow you to see a marked increase in the amount of girth (the thickness) of your penis, but you may lose part of your sensitivity as a result. Other types of surgery will allow you to gain one or even one and a half inches in length, but you will lose most of your ability to “keep it up”. In other words, you will be able to get “hard”, but you won’t be able to get “up”.

Penis Weights, Stretchers, and Stretching Exercises:

Penis Weights, Stretchers, and Stretching exercises work in the same way that penis lengthening surgery does, but with less drastic results. In other words, if you use any one of these methods properly and consistently, you may gain half an inch or so, but you won’t be able to “get it up” as well as you did before. That is because these exercises work by stretching out the tendon responsible for keeping your penis “up” when it is erect, causing it to lose much of its strength.

Penis Pumps:

Penis Pumps work, and will help the average man gain a bit of length (for the average man, we’re talking an inch max here), but not only will you have to use it consistently to gain permanent results, you have to know when to stop, or else you can risk serious pain and tissue damage to your penis. The most common symptom is that you will be a bit longer permanently, but you won’t be able to get as hard as you could before.

Male Enhancement Exercises:

Male enhancement exercises do work and can improve length and girth, and are much safer than pumps or surgery when done properly. The only problem is that they require a great deal of commitment to be able to work well- the men who see the most results from exercises alone are typically those who have committed to a 30+ minute daily penis enlargement exercise routine. The other problem with male enhancement exercises is that you can’t rest on your laurels- you have to continue doing the exercises, or else results begin to fade away.

Herbal (Natural) Male Enhancement

Herbal Male Enhancement is by far the safest means of penis enlargement, and with consistent use, can be the most effective. The most effective male enhancement products use herbs and natural extracts that have been used for centuries by natives in various parts of the world. We’ve even taken the hardest part of the work out of your hands and have tested, reviewed, and compared today’s top natural penis enhancement products for effectiveness and safety. Take a look at our comparison and review chart for more information.

Expert Advice: Can I Combine These Male Enhancement Methods?

Yes, you can combine male enhancement methods for maximum length and girth. For optimal results, our experts recommend combining the two safest and guaranteed most effective methods available to get a bigger penis – herbal male enhancement and male enhancement exercises.