How to Get Bigger Pennies

Technology can be a funny thing sometimes. Lots of people don’t bother to fiddle with or disable the autocorrect settings on their phone; and when this happens, you can get some interesting results. The fact that you are on this website right now reading these words about how to get bigger pennies is a good example of that.

Maybe you’re here because you’re surprised someone actually wrote a page about this topic and clicked the link out of curiosity. Maybe you didn’t read that title closely enough and assumed you were coming to website which would tell you how to get a bigger penis. Well, you’re about to learn how to do both! Believe it or not, efforts to increase the size of your pennies can have some secondary benefits which also increase the size of your penis. If you want to figure out how, read on!

Tips for Getting Bigger Pennies

When you say that you want “bigger pennies”, are you talking about increasing the actual size of penny coins? Or are you talking about increasing your wealth one cent at a time? Either way, we have some tips below which could potentially help you out.

Tip #1: Pennies on the Railroad Track

Did you know that the myth about derailing trains by putting Pennies on the track is exactly that? Mischievous and curious children alike have done it for nearly a century – and the practice is still going on to this day. Whether they sadistically want to cause an actual train wreck, whether they have a morbid curiosity about what might happen, or whether they want to flatten out a penny for science purposes, it isn’t inherently dangerous to do.

The problem comes when people get too close to the train tracks and get hit by a speeding locomotive while trying to flatten their pennies. After all, who wants to waste time putting a penny on the track well in advance of the train and patiently wait around for it to come? Also, who actually knows the schedule of the trains in their area? Whether you’re not sure about your timing or whether you’re a thrill-seeker who wants an endorphin rush from a brush with death, flattening a penny or several on the train tracks can cause a boost in testosterone. Producing higher levels of testosterone naturally has a funny way of helping you get a bigger penis. Plus, you have a shiny trophy to commemorate your bravery.

Tip #2: Penny Flattening Machines

Have you ever been to a zoo, a theme park, or any other attraction which had a machine near the gift shop designed to flatten pennies? They usually cost anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar to flatten a single penny. You put your coins into the respective slots, you crank the wheel, and in a few seconds you have a large, shiny, bronze commemorative coin of your experience at the park. And they usually have cute animals or fancy designs on them to make them more appealing. Lots of people claim that these souvenir pennies can give you good luck. Whether it’s magic or just a placebo effect, the confidence you feel from carrying around a lucky charm in your pocket could easily transform it into a “get lucky charm” which boosts your success with the ladies.

Tip #3: Acquire a Bigger Supply of Pennies

Then again, maybe you’re not interested in increasing the literal size of your pennies; maybe you’re more focused on hoarding a bigger penny pile. After all, pennies turn into dollars, dollars turn into a fortune, and we all know how much more attractive men can be when they have plenty of wealth to flaunt around. Investing even a little bit of cash in a savings account, stable stocks, or certain types of bonds can increase the size of your penny pile in no time. This bigger pile of pennies will also kick up your confidence in ways that make your love life, your personal life, and your professional life more satisfying.

Okay, No More Penny Talk – Welcome to the Good Part

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