Nitroxin Review

When it comes right down to it there is only one real reason that you would be reading this review and that is because of the fact that you have come to the realization that something has changed in you and it wasn’t for the better. Yes, in all likelihood, you have discovered that you just don’t have the same jump in your step, sexually speaking, that you have always had since you were in your teens. And, the key thing to understand is that you are by no means alone in this feeling. In fact, the simple truth is that the vast majority of men all around the world have always and probably will always have to deal with this problem at some point in their lives and having a basic understanding of the issue can be quite helpful. So, let’s take a look at some of the essential facts.

First of all, the cause of most sexually related dysfunction in men is due to the core effects of aging. So, when a guy reaches and then passes the point of full majority he normally begins to experience a slow decline in the amount of testosterone that he produces and continues to do so a rate of about two percent per year. The end result of this is that he then begins to lose certain capabilities central to what makes him a man. For one thing, he starts to lose the ability to pack on large amounts of lean muscle mass and the ability to burn unwanted fat at a high rate. And, the sexual department, he starts to lose his sense of libido or sexual drive and, often, the ability to perform in the bedroom with the same high level of function, stamina and endurance.

As bad as all of that is there is some good news as over the last couple of decades some new science associated with herbal studies has led to the production of what most of us now know as the modern male enhancement supplement. For those who may not be all that familiar with these great new products, in most cases, in most cases they are made using only all-natural ingredients and are designed to help men kick start their systems and get the production levels of testosterone back up to or, at least, near where they were during the man’s peak physical years so that he can get back to feeling and acting like the guy that he once was.

The problem that has developed because of the ever increasing success and popularity of these products is that the industry which makes them has recently become flooded with a wide variety of entries which, in many documented cases, have shown themselves to be far less effective and, sometimes, even far less safe than the top tier of products that they industry has always offered. In large part, this has been attributed to the fact that just about any entity capable of producing a pill and putting out on the market is doing so in order to get their slice of what has now become a worldwide multi-billion dollar market.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about testosterone boosting male enhancers on the market today – it’s called Nitroxin.

About Nitroxin

NitroxinBased on the information found on the official product website for Nitroxin visitors to the site have come to the correct place if they are looking for help with the issue of lost testosterone production. This claim is based on the notion that Nitroxin can supercharge the male body’s ability to bolster testosterone production. This could be interpreted as impressive but the simple fact is that most products on the market today in this category claim to do the very same thing.

A particular claim that is actually somewhat unique about Nitroxin and its producer is that they also make an additional product which actually is somewhat unique. This additional product is what the producer calls a proprietary skin cream which is said to increase the actual size and hardness of erections. It supposedly works by applying the cream directly to the male genitals where it is claimed to induce dermal excitement by elevating penile sensitivity.

Nitroxin Ingredients

The seller does not list the ingredients used in the production of its dermal cream on the official product website but the listing of elements in its Nitroxin supplements include Muira Puama, Maca Root, Horny Goat Weed and Oyster Shell.

Clinical Research And Testing

No one would argue that having a clear understanding of the ingredients used in any product wasn’t a good thing but that was not always the case. Still, over the last several decades regulations have required that producers list these ingredients so consumers can know whether the product contains the most desired elements as well as those which may not be desired due to health concerns such as allergies. Still, another set of even more valuable information can be found in data produced from research, studies and clinical trials which can offer consumers far greater benefits. The only issue is that many products of this nature are often not subjected to this type of study or testing because it is not required in many regions of production around the world.

Looking at all of the available information from both Nitroxin as well as several other outside sources within the industry it became clear that there are no credible or verifiable reports which would offer any support for the many claims being made by the producer for its products.

Nitroxin User Comments

Ever since the creation of the internet consumers have had an incredible amount of access to information from other consumers which allows them to assess just how good or bad just about any product or service is based on actual users. Again, this was not always the case but now producers have found that they can skew the results of testimonials and user reviews that consumers see by injecting themselves into the system and creating a number of review sites that they can control or at exert influence over. This obviously leads to an environment filled with and obvious and inherent bias. Knowing this we always seek more independent sources of user comments and reviews.

Basing our search on a number of well-regarded industry websites having no known affiliation to Nitroxin or its maker as well as a wide selection of online chat rooms and forums we located a great many independent user reviews for this product. Tallying the results or the overall user satisfaction ratings we found that the large majority of them did not have a favorable opinion of their experience even after having used the products for a month or more.

Health And Safety Concerns

Seeing that the individual ingredients in Nitroxin are in wide use across the male enhancement industry we see no real reason for concern regarding serious health or safety issues. However, it is strongly advised that one consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning a daily regimen of this or any product of a similar nature.

Buying Nitroxin

As of the time of publication Nitroxin is only available for purchase through its own official products website. It should be noted that a credit card is required.

Nitroxin Conclusions

Any guy dealing with the detrimental effects of diminished testosterone production and who wants to correct it is likely to turn to a high quality male enhancement supplement if he can find it. What we wanted to know here is if Nitroxin is among the top choices in this category. To make that determination we decided to look at three core factors.

The first was the listing of ingredients and, in this regard, Nitroxin seems to stack up well against its main competition. The second factor was what the research, studies and clinical trial data showed and, unfortunately, it does not appear that Nitroxin was ever the subject of any serious scientific reviews which produced credible reports. The final factor was related to what independent user reviews had to say about their experiences and the results that we found there were not good.

Taking all of these factors into account is appears quite clear that there are still many better options for men seeking help with lowered testosterone and the sexual issues that come with it.

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