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Do Male Enhancement Exercises Work?

Since your teenage years, you’ve probably been wondering “if I can exercise my legs, my arms, or my chest to make them bigger, then how come there aren’t any penis enlargement exercises that I can use to make my penis bigger?”

The answer is that there actually are penis exercises! You may scoff and say “Yeah, but do male enhancement exercises work?“. They do, but just like any other exercise, they require a great deal of commitment and hard work to see results that you’ll truly be proud to show off. Also, just like any other exercise, penis exercises require proper technique and preparation to avoid painful injuries. With that being said, we’re going to teach you about some exercises that you never would have learned in gym class—or even sex ed.

Penis Stretching:

You may have heard about how penis lengthening surgeries or penis weights work. Penis stretching works via the same principle; by stretching out the tendon that is responsible for keeping the penis “up” when it is erect. The only problem is that when you stretch this nerve, you lessen the penis’ ability to stay erect- many men who undergo penis lengthening surgery or who use penis weights completely lose this ability (although they don’t lose the ability to get “hard”). Penis stretching is like the middle ground- you will inevitably a tiny bit some of your ability to “stand up tall”, but you will still be able to “stand at attention” with a bit more length than before.

There are many different stretch exercises, such as the “V-Stretch” or the “power stretch”, which are all variations on the same theme. As with any exercise, it’s important to know when you are doing too much; stretch away, but within the limits of moderation. There’s no point in having a longer penis if it’s too damaged to function properly again.

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Jelqing is one the most well-known penis enlargement exercises. Some sources say that jelqing is traditionally employed in Arabia; although it’s hard to substantiate these sources. The basic idea behind jelqing is that you can force blood into the chambers of the penis, which will cause them to expand. After a great deal of time and exercise, your penis will become larger because it can fill with more blood.

Jelqing works, and works quite well, at that. The only problem with jelqing is that it takes a long time and a lot of commitment to see results. It’s not uncommon for men to dedicate 20-30 minutes daily to jelqing to maximize the impact of their exercises. Unfortunately, if you stop jelqing for a few days, then your results will begin to fade.

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Our Experts’ Recommendation:

With a little bit of hard work and dedication, jelqing and stretching are dependable ways to maximize the size of your penis. Natural male enhancement is also a great way to “maximize your size”, but it often requires that you maintain a steady regimen of taking one or two pills each day (similar to taking your daily vitamin). If you’re up for the challenge, then why not combine the two for maximum results in the shortest time possible? After all, nothing is better than penis enlargement… except for fast penis enlargement.

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