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Virility EX is one of many male enhancement pills available in the marketplace for men who are unhappy with the size, shape, and/or duration of their erections. It also comes with complementary booklets on how to improve your bedroom technique and male enhancement exercises.

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Virility EX Directions/Warnings:

Directions: Take two tablets daily. Follow the instructions on the label very closely. Taking too much of this product could result in a health hazard.

Warnings: The ingredients in Virility EX have been known to cause heart problems in those with heart conditions, heart disease or irregular heartbeats. Talk to your doctor before you start taking this product, especially if you have a heart condition. Stop taking Virility EX if you experience dizziness, chest pain, or heart palpitations.

Virility EX In-Depth Review:

At first glance, Virility EX has many positive things to offer potential customers. The company gives you the option of receiving supplemental reading material on how to be a more pleasing lover in the bedroom and how to get women into bed, both of which are free to download after you have made your purchase. It also includes online support and advice on special exercises you can do to “enhance” the pill’s effectiveness. And all of this comes with a 90-day return policy.

However, the return process can be tricky to navigate. Additionally, between the reading materials and the penis exercises, it seems like you are doing more work than the pill you’re paying for, bringing its true efficacy into question. Besides, many of the tips and tricks these supplemental e-booklets promote can easily be found online for free; there’s no need to throw away money on them.

Virility EX is an all-around approach to improving your sexual health, enhancing your sex life, and possibly making your penis bigger through natural herbs. But is this system right for you? It might be a good idea to compare it to other formulas to see which pill might work best for your lifestyle. Check out our reviews section to find out more.

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