The Ropes: What are they and why do I want them?

By now, you’ve surely heard about The Ropes. Whether you’ve read about it in a magazine, on the internet or possibly heard it from a friend, chances are you’re intrigued by the concept. While most men inherently know why having a bigger penis is better, The Ropes are still a mystery to them. The problem with all of this talk is simple – it doesn’t tell you what The Ropes are or why you would want them.

What are The Ropes?

The Ropes is a slang term used to describe the strands of semen that are sometimes produced during climax. If you have a high ejaculation volume and a strong ejaculation force, the semen produced can resemble thick, heavy ropes.  Depending on the man, the volume of his ejaculation determines not only if he can produce The Ropes, but also the quantity and frequency he is able to produce them.

There are two factors to determining whether or not a man can produce The Ropes: semen volume and orgasm intensity. Both of those factors can be improved with either exercises or various male enhancement products.

Why do you want them?

It might seem silly, but if you’ve read anything about this than you already know: enhanced ejaculation means a stronger, more intense orgasm. The higher semen volume required to produce The Ropes needs to be accompanied by strong muscle contractions or all you’ll be left with is a bigger mess. A higher ejaculation volume means that more muscle contractions are needed to complete the ejaculation, increasing the time it takes to ejaculate as well as the duration and the pleasure of your orgasm.

There probably aren’t a lot of guys out there would don’t want stronger and longer orgasms. If you’re unsatisfied with your ejaculation volume and are unable to attain The Ropes, never fear – there are plenty of easy, quality ways to improve your ejaculation volume.

How do you get The Ropes?

The Ropes are not some trick of the camera, nor are they limited to the professionals. Anyone can get The Ropes; it’s just a matter of putting in some time and effort.  In order to get The Ropes, you need to focus on two things: increasing your semen volume and enhancing the intensity of your orgasm. Many times, a significant increase in semen volume is all it takes to intensify the muscle contractions responsible for more explosive orgasms.

Frequently, ejaculation volume and force decrease with age or as the result of health concerns, but there are numerous ways around that. The easiest way to achieve both of these is with ejaculation or volume pills. Quality semen volume enhancers will often include Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed or Catuaba bark to increase both semen volume and ejaculation intensity. Choosing a product containing one or more of these ingredients is your best bet to increase your ejaculation volume and get The Ropes. We recommend Quantum Pills. Read our review for more information.