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When most men hear about penis enlargement exercises for the first time, their first reaction is often a joking “how come I didn’t learn this in gym class?” Their second reaction is “where can I learn how to do them, and what can I do to get ‘stronger’ as fast as possible”?

Luckily for you, our experts have done the research for you and have clarified what works and what doesn’t. You can learn how to do penis enlargement exercises on this very website, but be warned – exercises to make your penis bigger take a lot of commitment. If you want to see real results, your training has to be dedicated and consistent- it’s more like training for an Olympic event than training for a pick-up game.

Unlike the Olympics, it’s perfectly fine to use “performance enhancement” – in this case, natural male enhancement – to assist your training and make it a lot easier to get results. Better yet, the best male enhancement products are completely natural, safe and legal. We’ve made your job easier by testing, reviewing and comparing these products, all of which will help you see results regardless of whether you’re able to dedicate a half hour daily to your penis enlargement exercise routine or if you’re just a couch potato who’s not into training at all.

Penis Exercises

All penis enlargement exercises fall into two different categories – jelqing and stretches.


Jelqing is a regimen of repetitive exercises that expand the blood chambers within the penis. As a result, the penis can hold more blood when it becomes erect and eventually it becomes bigger in both length and girth.

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Manual stretches utilize the same concept as penis lengthening surgery. The results aren’t as drastic as surgical results but the long-term damage isn’t nearly as severe, either.

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