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Average Penis Size

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At some point or another, most sane men will wonder how the size of their penis compares with everyone else’s. A man’s penis is a significant source of self-confidence, and knowing that you are strutting around with some above-average equipment can have positive benefits in all aspects of your life. On the other hand, if you suspect that you might possess a lackluster penis, it can affect your self-confidence: not only when you’re having sex, but at other times, such as when you’re asking out a beautiful woman or vying for that big promotion at work.

So What Does “Average Size” Truly Mean?

For so many men, this is such an urgent question that science has gotten in on the action. There have been countless surveys taken in multiple countries. Some are even available for volunteers to enter their own personal data online. Other tests require lab assistants to measure the man’s erect penis for him in order to get a more accurate count (as you may have guessed, some men have a bad habit of accidentally over-estimating their numbers when the ruler is in their own hands).

If you calculate the numbers from some of the more reliable surveys, you come up with an average length of 6.6 inches. If this number sounds familiar to you, then congratulations. If you don’t quite measure up, male enhancement might be an option to consider.

But What About What I’ve Heard?

This news might contradict what you’ve heard about the average size of most men. You may have been told that certain races or nationalities are larger (or much smaller) than the numbers quoted above. But the truth is that nationality is something which was invented as a way to make it easier to group and organize people; it isn’t necessarily a physical trait, and it has very little to do with average penis size.

Additionally, despite what you may have heard, average sizes do not vary so wildly between one race or another. The data collected by scientists on average size is often broken down into racial groups; however, this usually turns out to be a pointless exercise, because the averages are about the same across the board.

There are also rumors about the size of specific non-private body parts (hands, feet, ears, etc.) and their relation to penis size. Again, according to science, this simply isn’t true. There is no one specific trait that indicates penis size; however, overall body size is usually connected to overall penis size. To put it simply, larger men tend to have larger equipment and vice versa.

And speaking of body size, gaining an unhealthy amount of weight will also affect the dimensions of your penis. For every 25 pounds of fat a man gains, he could lose up to an inch in length off of his penis. This is because fat stored around the lower abdomen creates a smaller distance between the base of the shaft and the tip of the penis. The good news is this is completely reversible with a sensible diet and good exercise! Some studies have also suggested a correlation between lean muscle mass and increased penis size. Maybe a muscle building supplement really can help with male enhancement.

Average Size and Male Enhancement

Whether your actual numbers reflect an organ that is below, equal to, or above average, investing in a male enhancement treatment can help lengthen and thicken the equipment you have. This can have a positive effect on not just your romantic relationships, but also your overall confidence level and quality of life. The most popular products usually come in the form of herbally-based pills. These are likely be made from all-natural ingredients, and can be used on a schedule which is convenient for you. We’ve made selecting one of these products easy; we’ve reviewed and ranked the top penis enlargement pills on the market today, take a look at our product review chart for more information.