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Will Increasing HGH Work For Male Enhancement?

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There has been a tremendous amount of discussion on just how effective human growth hormone boosting supplements and HGH therapy is for those who have passed the age of puberty. Many golden-aged men and women from the Hollywood crowd swear by it as a sort of semi-fountain of youth, and have even been known to break the law to get their hands on the latest ‘experimental’ HGH treatment. But does HGH have applications beyond those that are recognized by the medical community (such as getting a bigger penis)? After all, penis growth is probably not the first issue on the mind of those in the medical community, especially when there are more pressing issues to deal with, such as AIDS and cancer research. We’ll take a look at HGH and its benefits here.

What is HGH?                              

Along with testosterone, HGH is the hormone that’s most responsible for turning boys into men.  HGH is produced naturally within the body and production slows drastically after adolescence. This is the reason why we stop growing at such a rapid rate when we reach our early 20’s. HGH has been used successfully for years as a treatment for many conditions – ranging from glandular issues to life-threatening problems such as chronic kidney failure and AIDS. However, other more experimental usages have provoked a great deal of discussion within the medical community.

HGH usually comes in one of two formats: originally it could only be injected directly into the body, and was derived directly from humans, which was a very expensive process. Now, there are several synthesized versions of injectable HGH available at prices that are (relatively) much more affordable than human-derived HGH. There are also supplements – often created with natural ingredients – that claim to accelerate HGH production within the body. These products contain no HGH, since HGH is a pharmaceutical and it would be illegal for them to be sold otherwise.

HGH Benefits

HGH has several benefits to the body when produced naturally. Its most well-known benefits are that it allows us to grow into adults and that it increases muscle and bone mass. HGH’s lesser-known benefits are just as important. HGH is important for the growth and renewal of internal organs and also regulates important functions in the liver, pancreas and immune system. Perhaps most importantly, HGH regulates homeostasis, which is the process that keeps our body functioning normally.

HGH Side Effects

Depending on what you consider as risks to your body, HGH’s potential side effects may outweigh its benefits. HGH may create issues such as joint, muscle and nerve pain, edema (swelling within the body), increased cholesterol levels, hypertension, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness and tingling, and even gynecomastia (an enlargement of the male breasts). The potential side effects don’t stop there- HGH can cause cancer to develop faster than usual, and can also increase risk factors of diabetes. In the past, HGH was derived from cadavers, which caused the development of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (a brain disorder similar to mad cow disease) in some individuals.

Here’s one thing that is often overlooked: even though prices have been significantly reduced since the introduction of synthetic HGH to the market, HGH is very expensive, and as a result is often procured from the illegal “secondary market” (in other words, the black market). The HGH found there may be tainted or even totally fake, which can cause a plethora of problems when injected directly into the bloodstream.

So does HGH work for penis growth?

No one is completely sure. On one hand, it’s fairly certain that using any kind of HGH product by itself will NOT increase your penis size; the effects of HGH therapy have been widely studied, and penis growth has never been mentioned as an effect of HGH therapy. On the other hand, there have been scattered reports (and as we’re told, even video evidence) that the best HGH boosting supplements can actually be used to compliment male enhancement products for faster results. However, we’re not able to confirm or refute these reports at this time, and there certainly haven’t been any large-scale scientific studies to look into these assertions.

So what’s the best method for penis growth?

When you combine safety, ease of use, accessibility, and ability, natural male enhancement pills are by far the best method of male enhancement. To make things easier for you, we’ve reviewed and ranked the top male enhancement products on today’s market, take a look at our Bigger Penis Product Reviews for further information.