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Does Size Matter? Studies Say “Yes”

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In 2012, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a controversial study on penis size and female sexual gratification. The long and short of their results basically says that yes, size does matter, and that longer penises are more satisfying to women.

How Long Is Long Enough?

So how long does your penis need to be in order to give your woman a superior orgasm? Obviously this number will vary based on your own natural length and the size of your partner. But the tests subjects studied claimed that penises which were longer than a dollar bill (roughly 6.5″) were on the lower end of the satisfying size spectrum. Also, those women who reported having more vaginal orgasms on average preferred lengthier members than that. Many were more satisfied with an average penis length of 7.5″ or higher.

It should be noted, however, that there are some special notes to this study that men should be aware of. For starters, women who are capable of achieving vaginal orgasms (in other words, her orgasms come from your penis stimulating the inside of her vagina) were more likely to vote a bigger penis as more satisfying than a smaller one (as opposed to not having any strong feelings one way or the other on penis size).

How To Plan For Sex In The Future

Contrary to popular opinion, vaginal orgasms are not as rare as they were in the past. Decades ago, between conservative values and a lack of scientific knowledge about the female body, very few people believed that women were capable of achieving vaginal orgasms (or any orgasm at all, for that matter). But scientific research is making new discoveries every day, including the fact that women who can be stimulated vaginally are physically and psychologically healthier than those who have no orgasms at all or who can only climax through stimulation of the clitoris.

Based on this, it is easy to see that the demand for larger members will be on the rise in the near future. And the men who can deliver these preferential orgasms to their female sex partners will definitely have an edge in the bedroom.

Expert Advice

Other sexual health experts who chimed in on the study’s findings advised men to focus on all the aspects of their sex life- not just size- in order to produce the most gratifying results in bed. Foreplay, kissing, and other physically intimate acts which can prep a woman’s body for climax also play a role in how satisfied she will be with your sexual performance (in addition to the size of your manhood).

That being said, however, nearly 34% of the women who participated in the study were certain that size mattered to them in the bedroom. And the number of women who side with these results will certainly be increasing in the near future as men and science uncover more knowledge about sexual satisfaction.

Do You Measure Up?

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