Get The Most Out Of What You Have

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I don’t have to tell you that our society has a touchy love affair with sex. In the public eye, our mores say “kiss but never tell” — but behind closed doors, it’s “see all, do all, and then tell all.”

There’s no shortage of tell-all, especially when it comes to the phallic element. Some say ”size matters”. Others say “it isn’t the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean”. What do you believe — especially if you’re worried about measuring up in the bedroom?

Sometimes, you need to let your fingers to do the walking (more on that later) and educate yourself about how to make the best use of whatever you were endowed with. Education is key — because what you can discover about what people don’t know or think they know can make you feel better and more sexually confident.

Tips For Delivering A Strong Point In Bed

If you’re concerned about being less-than-well-endowed, your goal should become making the best of the real estate you do have. There are some great sexual positions that optimize penile contact with your partner and focus on deep penetration. Missionary is the realm of those with the distance, but the hard truth is a big dick does not trump all in every position.

These positions will focus on either having your partner lying flat on their belly or on their back, with their legs lifted. In either case — you’re both positioning yourselves for you to better penetrate where a bigger penis would have the reach on its own.

Doggy Style

Sometimes, nature knows best. If you were to ask any animal why this is nature’s favorite position, the answer would be simple: doing it from behind saves time and there’s precious little time to pass your genes on between things trying to eat you. This is one of the best sexual positions to conceive with. This tried and true method saves your self-esteem as much as it saves lives in the wild.

To use this position, position your partner on her hands and knees with her head against the bed and her bottom raised. Have her place her head against a pillow to help her get comfortable and arch her back. Straddle her thighs and penetrate her from behind.

The Snake

This variation of doggy style is also done with your partner lying on their stomach, facing away from you. Where Doggy Style focuses on optimizing the use of whatever curve you have in your erection, this is about making her feel tighter (and making you feel bigger).

To help position her more comfortably, place something beneath her thighs (a spare pillow or the sheets). A noticeable arching in the back is the level of elevation you’re looking for. From behind, straddle the hips — the thighs should be squeezed together. Make just enough room to slip in (as the namesake implies).

Rabbit Ears

This is one of a variety of positions allowing your partner to face and you to be confident and forceful in bed. With your partner on her back, bring her legs up and back until her knees are as close to her head as flexibility allows. Again, for optimizing penetration, place something beneath her bottom to help raise her vagina towards you. This position will make her feel as if you’re filling her entirely. Ideally, place your arms in the crooks of her knees so you can use your hands to brace yourself against the bed.

The V-Formation/”Flying V”

Similar in style to the Rabbit Ears, this position begins with your partner on their back and you in a kneeling position. Instead of pushing their legs towards their head, grab them by the ankles and lift upward, extending them. Spread them to form the definitive v-shape and then penetrate as you would in the last position.

Other Tips

The key to these is that while the first two helped compensate for girth, these compensate for length — allowing you to maximize your delivery of satisfaction with your partner.

Best of all, these are the domain of the smaller-equipped man. Larger men have difficulty utilizing these positions comfortably or properly because of their extra length.

You’ll always be told this isn’t a race. Take your time and never underestimate the effectiveness of good foreplay — even stimulating her to climax through oral or manual (finger) stimulation of her clitoris. Remember, women aren’t spent immediately after one and nothing is as brag-worthy as multiple orgasms. She’ll be singing your praises for days.

For some smaller men, these positions are just don’t cut it. Or worse, their partners have read this list. If the illusion of a bigger penis is not enough, you may want to try a natural male enhancement product.

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