Androzene Review

Everyone understands that having a good sex life is a huge part of what it means to be a human being. And, even though we all know that this part of life has its peaks and valleys and ebbs and flows, and eventually begins to decline, it’s never an easy thing to let go of. And, if that inevitable decline comes too early that means a lot of lost pleasure and stress relieve that is lost in our lives.

Now, even though there are different issues that affect both sexes most of the problems that come about tend to affect men at an earlier age. Usually this involves a diminishment in a man’s ability to produce testosterone at the same high rate that he once did during his peak physical years. This means that once a man passes peak maturity, usually in his early thirties, he can start to experience a slowdown in his system causes a lowered production of testosterone and other processes including his capacity to maintain a high level of lean muscle mass and the ability to burn fat rapidly. It can also lead to a loss in sexual stamina and endurance as well as a drop off in libido or sexual drive.

The main thing is that these issues have been with us since the dawn of man but, in recent years, there have been some rather incredible developments associated with herbal studies and what was found is that there is a wide range of all-natural herbs and plant extracts that can help to reinvigorate various systems in the body to help restore them to previous levels of production and overall health. And, sometimes they can even lead to greater capacity than ever before. An example of this is the ability to produce nitric oxide at greater levels which, for men suffering from self-confidence issues surrounding a penis that they deem to be too small, can lead to a greatly increased level of blood flow which, not only increases overall health, but also often leads to a much more engorged penis both when flaccid and erect. The end result is often a markedly larger penis and a greater sense of self-confidence.

The only real issue that has arisen from all of these great advances is the fact that the market which offers them has now become flooded with literally hundreds of new products, a great number of which have been shown over time to be not nearly as effective and even, in some cases, to be not nearly as safe as the best options that the industry has to offer. It’s also no wonder that this issue has led to a great deal of frustration and confusion among male consumers looking to beef up their penis and there sexual confidence.

This being the case we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about penis enlarging male enhancement products out on the market today – it’s called Androzene.

About Androzene

AndrozeneManufactured and distributed by a company called Cloixonne which is said to be located in the United States, Androzene has made a name as one of the top ranked male enhancement products at this time in the industry and is said to utilize what they refer to as an exclusive Rapid Expansion Technology which they claim promotes larger and stronger erections, improved sexual stamina and endurance as well as a marked improvement in the overall male sexual experience.

These incredible claims related to the Rapid Expansion Technology appear to be predicated on a formulation which offers a time released dose which provides a higher level of nitric oxide to be built up in the bloodstream which then leads to a greater capacity for oxygen and nutrients to reach all of the major muscle groups including the penile chambers. However, unlike many supplements of this type, the Androzene formulation utilizes a process which allows for a slowed down release of the active ingredients which, over time, provides for increased effectiveness and bigger, firmer and longer lasting erections.

Androzene Ingredients

The ingredients used in the formulation of Androzene include a great deal of the most often utilized elements found in most of the leading male enhancements supplements of this kind today. They include Guarana Seed Extract, Yohimbe, Taurine, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract (Lichen), Eleuthero Extract, Epimedium Extract (Aerial Parts), Nettle Root Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract and Tribulus Terrestris (Aerial Parts).

Clinical Research And Testing

There is no doubt that having a solid understanding of the ingredients used in the making of any product is a good thing as it allows consumers to know if it contains the most desired elements and also to know if the product contains any ingredients which might lead to health issues such as allergic reactions. Still, there is another set of details which can only be found through research, studies and clinical trials which can lead to a far greater understanding of the pros and cons associated with its use. The problem is that this type of research and testing is not always required in products of this nature and, therefore, does not always get done.

Based on a review of several industry sources and what we could find out from the producer there is no credible or verifiable evidence that Androzene and its specific formulation were ever the subject of any serious study or clinical trials.

Androzene And User Comments

For those who cannot remember a time when the internet was not commonly used or even existed for public use it used to be that consumers were completely at the mercy of companies and advertisers who were simply able to create an image for their product and no one really knew just how good or bad it really might be. But, with the wide use of testimonials and user reviews all that changed. But, then so did the way companies chose to deal with this great communication between consumers. This led to an explosion of websites offering user reviews that were actually under the control of producers which obviously led to great deal of inherent bias. Knowing this we always seek out sources of more independent user comments.

In a review of numerous websites with industry ties but none known to be affiliated with Androzene or Cloixonne as well as multiple chat rooms and online forums known to discuss penis enlarging male enhancers we found a large cache of independent user reviews. Compiling the data it was assessed that a large majority of them did not have a favorable opinion of their experiences with this product.

Health And Safety Concerns

A review of the overall package of ingredients used in the formulation of Androzene shows that they are all in general and even widespread use within the industry for products of this nature. This being the case it seems highly unlikely that there would be any real concern regarding health issues in otherwise healthy individuals. Still, it is always best to seek out a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning daily use of this or any other product of a similar chemical composition.

Buying Androzene

As of the time of publication the cost of a one month supply of Androzene is $59.95.It should be noted that there is no official product website for it so consumers will have to turn to a wide array of well-established online retail outlets such as

Androzene Conclusion

Men, in general, have always wanted to have larger penises because it is known to lead to greater self-confidence and is believed widely to help with sexual prowess. Now that it has been established that a high quality penis enlarging male enhancement supplement is a solid option for achieving that goal men are turning to them more and more. The question we wanted to answer is whether Androzene is among the best options in this category. To do that we looked at three key factors.

The first was the list of ingredients and, as discussed, they match up well with most of the leading brands. The second was the data available on research and testing and, here, we found no credible or verifiable evidence that this was ever done. The third and last factor dealt with independent user reviews and what they had to say. In this case the overall satisfaction rates were very low.

All in all the evidence seems clear that Androzene has not proven itself as one of the best options for men seeking a better self-image and a greater sex life.

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