Nugenix Review

For the vast majority of men on this earth there is just no getting around it. We’re talking about the facts of life and what happens to a man’s body as he ages. Specifically, we’re talking about that point in a man’s life where he starts to move past the point of peak maturity and he begins to experience a drop of in his ability to produce testosterone at the same high levels that he had always had since he started to develop into a man as a young teenager. So, what does this mean? It means that he, like nearly every guy who has ever lived, will begin to lose the capacity to pack on lean muscle mass and burn unwanted fat at a high rate in the same way that he did during his peak physical years. And, this normally continues at a rate of about two percent per year. It also means that he will be at an ever increasing risk of experiencing some form of sexual dysfunction usually beginning with a lowered sense of sex drive or libido and the chance that he will, at some point, face the scourge of erectile dysfunction.

In addition, one of the key factors in battle to boost testosterone production is the fact that testosterone is a crucial part of the process for building up and maintaining a high level of nitric oxide in the bloodstream which is critical to the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to all major muscle groups and organs including the penis. So, what we’re saying here is that it is possible for a guy to actually increase the actual length and girth of his penis both while flaccid and erect simply by increasing the amount of blood flow that he experiences on a day to day basis.

The point here is that a loss of testosterone production can have a seriously detrimental effect on a man’s life once he gets into his thirties and beyond. But, the good news is that modern science and the study of herbal remedies have combined over the last couple of decades to create what is widely known as the modern male enhancement supplement. These normally all-natural health aids are generally designed to help jump start the production of testosterone in the male body by replenishing many of the elements lost due to the aging process in order to help men turn back the clock in many ways and get them to start looking, acting and feeling much like they did during their physical prime.

The only issue that has come about as a result of all of these remarkable advances is the fact that the industry known for produces all of these types of products has recently become overrun with literally hundreds of newer entries into the market, a great many of which are now being shown to be often much less effective than the very best that the industry has always offered and, in some cases, even less safe than the best. And, as one would suspect, this fact has left a great many male consumers feeling quite frustrated and quite baffled by this seemingly endless array of choices as they struggle to find the products which have the best chance of getting the job done for them.

Keeping all of these facts in the forefront of our minds we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about testosterone boosting products on the market today – it’s called Nugenix.

About Nugenix

Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone

Nugenix is not only a product but a whole line of non-prescription based health aids and, according to the information we could gather, is produced in the United States. These products are part of an even larger set of products produced and distributed by a company known as Adaptive Health, LLC. Among the larger product line of these companies are a set of products aimed at dealing with the specific issues that women face as they begin to age past their primes, as well.

Nugenix Ingredients

A review of the listing of ingredients used in the production of the Nugenix male enhancement supplement shows that they are generally in wide use throughout the male enhancement industry in products that claim to boost testosterone production.

Among the key ingredients are Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Zinc, a proprietary formulation the company refers to as its Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex, L-Citrulline Malate, Testofen, Fenugreek Seed Extract and other, non-active elements such as Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate.

Clinical Research And Testing

In most cases having a clear listing of the ingredients in any product is a benefit as consumers can see if it contains the most desirable ingredients and avoid any undesirable elements which they believe may lead to health issues such as allergic reactions. Still, there are other sets of data which can be far more helpful in truly understanding how a product is likely to work and that is the data derived from research, studies and testing assuming this occurred during the development stage which is not always required depending on the region of manufacture.

A look at all of the available data from Nugenix, Adaptive Health and several other outside sources known to be related to this kind of study and testing did not reveal any evidence of credible or verifiable reports which would provide support for the many claims that are being made for this product.

Nugenix User Comments

There was once a time when producers of products and services could largely control the image that they had strictly through the use of wide ranging and slick advertising campaigns. But, all of that changed with the advent of the internet and the average consumer’s ability to communicate directly with potentially millions of other consumers who could tell them about the experiences with a product with no real filter. This being the case more and more producers are now infiltrating these user review sites and helping to inject more favorable reviews to help combat any negative comments. These efforts have clearly created a situation which can only be seen as having an obvious and inherent bias to them. Knowing this we always look for sources of more independent user reviews.

A survey of numerous sites with industry ties but no known affiliation to Nugenix or Adaptive Nutrition as well as a wide range of independent online forums and chat rooms produced a large cache of reviews of this product. These independent user comments were largely shown to have a rather highly negative set of ratings for Nugenix even among those who have tried other products of this kind.

Health And Safety Concerns

Since the ingredients in Nugenix are so widely used there is likely little concern when it comes to medical concerns. Still, it is always best to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting use.

Buying Nugenix

This product is available for purchase through its own official website and as well as numerous online retail sites including and

Nugenix Conclusions

Aging men seeking greater vitality and virility as well as the chance of a larger penis are turning to high quality male enhancement supplement in greater numbers every day. The question we wanted to answer here is whether Nugenix can rightfully be called one of the best options on the market today. To determine this we looked at just three core factors.

The first was the set of ingredients used in its production and, in this case, the evidence is clear that they are more than comparable to those found in this product’s rivals. The second factor dealt with what information was available regarding research and testing and the evidence was not there to support the core claims being put forth for Nugenix. The last factor was related to what the majority of independent user reviews were saying the results of our search showed that they were largely not impressed with their overall experience with this product.

In a nutshell, there are clearly many more products with a better track record of increasing testosterone and nitric oxide than Nugenix on the market today.

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