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Problem Getting Rock Hard Erections? Try These Secret Tricks

There are tons of different reasons why you may be having trouble getting the hardest, biggest erections your body is capable of. Regardless of age, lifestyle, or your emotional state, there are ways for you to get the rock hard erections you want. Some of them you can do tonight, or even right now. Others may take a little patience and dedication; but trust us, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Short and Long-Term Tricks for Better Erections

While there are a few ways you can achieve a rock-hard boner quickly and easily, the “quickly” and “easily” parts don’t always come together at the same time. That’s why you should also try and focus on long-term solutions to help you pitch a sturdy, high-rise tent at the drop of a hat. Some of these tricks are common sense, some are surprising, and a few are just plain weird. But according to our sources – and a little self-experimentation – we can practically guarantee that these will work for you.

Quick Tricks To Get Rock Hard

If you have a pretty good idea of when you will have sex next, there are some quick things you can do on the day of which should improve your chances of a rock hard erection later on in the day. If you have a gym membership or a local park with good jogging trails, get some cardio in! After all, erections are about blood slow, plain and simple. The more you can get your heart beating and pumping that blood, the easier it’ll be to send it where it’s needed most when the time comes. Also, try not to jerk off or watch porn at least 24 hours before you and your sweetie hook up. It’ll make the temptation and your arousal – both physical and mental – that much more intense when you finally satisfy it.

You can also improve erection quality by eating dark berries that same day. Blueberries and blackberries are good examples, but go ahead and get whatever dark berry floats your boat. Another strange trick which helps with erection strength is yawning, believe it or not. Apparently, the part of your brain which produces nitric oxide has nerves which connected to both your mouth and your member. Yawning more often and sending signals along those nerves can trick your brain into releasing more nitric oxide for harder, firmer erections later in the day.

Then there are the things you can do in the heat of the moment which can contribute to creating hardwood in your pants. For starters, learn how to get better at foreplay. Outside of quickies, there’s no excuse to skimp on the foreplay. Not only will your partner enjoy having sex with you more, but as we explained above with the porn example, delayed gratification has a way of improving your sexual prowess. Flexing your pelvic floor muscles is also great for sending blood surging to your penis and trapping it there. Lastly, have you considered edging? If you already know how, then use this practice while with your partner. If you allow yourself to be stimulated almost to the point of release and then back down, it actually makes you harder!

Tools like cock rings and penis pumps are also attractive options for a quick fix boner bolster, but they are problematic. Cock rings are especially vulnerable to getting stuck around your penis and making it impossible for your erection to go down – hundreds of men had ended up in an embarrassing ER situation over it. Plus, if you’re not into manscaping, getting a cock ring tangled in your pubic hair is a whole other level of pain.

Penis pumps can help make your anatomy bigger over time by stretching out the vessels, but using them the wrong way can also be painful. Plus, once you take your penis out of the tube, it has a tendency to deflate quickly. Penis pumps aren’t exactly the sexiest toy for foreplay, either.

Lifestyle Changes for Rock Hard Erections

You may get to a point where you can’t depend on a quick fix for ever. You should do yourself a favor and make small lifestyle changes now so that your body is always primed and ready to get rock hard, fast. For example:

The Male Enhancement Intervention

Of course, if you really want the hardest, best erections you can get, you should do yourself a favor and look into some high-quality male enhancement products. There are gels, creams, and pills you can take which will give you some of the largest, hardest, longest lasting erections you’ve ever achieved in your entire life. Some of them work instantly as needed, while others will keep you primed and ready to go if you simply take a small serving every day with a meal. Many of them have the added benefit of improving your sexual endurance and sending your libido surging sky-high. We sifted through the good – and the not so good – contenders out there, and you can discover what we found out by shopping around on our product reviews page.