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Penis Size: Is Length More Important Than Width?

“Length is more important than width.”

“Width is more important than length!”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as he knows had to give me all the orgasms I can handle.”

These are all popular answers to the age-old debate of penis length versus penis width. So which is it? And why are people so divided on the issue that it doesn’t seem as though mankind has decided on a definitive answer? In this article, we’re going to attempt to get to the bottom of this exact question. But as it turns out, the subject matter isn’t quite so simple.

The Argument For #TeamLength

We’re going to start unraveling the answer to this question with a truth bomb that many men will have a difficult time accepting: as far as the sexual pleasure of straight women goes, longer penises are considered either unnecessary, painful, or somewhere in between. If you could gather all of your past sexual partners in a room, make them drink a truth serum, and ask them their honest opinion, most of them would not be on #TeamLength.

But if you have a penis that is above average (at least 7.5″ or more), or if you are aspiring to increase your length, do not despair. There are women out there who are on #TeamLength, and they have some very valid reasons for choosing their particular side of the fence.

Some women prefer longer, thinner penises because they are less likely to produce painful friction. This is especially important if she has trouble producing her own natural lubrication, if either (or both) of you enjoy several minutes of penetrative sex, or if using a synthetic sexual lubricant isn’t possible or appealing.

Furthermore, sex researchers are starting to uncover new and exciting information about cervical orgasms. Whether you call it the A-spot, the C-spot, the Deep Spot, or whichever other term people are throwing around for it these days, there seems to be a special minority of women out there who can climax when their cervix receives some special attention. Based on newer research, scientists are now positing that some women may have erogenous zones, not unlike the G-spot, which are deeper inside the vagina and closer to the cervical opening. When stimulated, they can bring the woman to orgasm in a similar manner, but since they are too deep to reach with the average finger, she can only climax with a man who is gifted in the length department. Another theory is that when you pound the bullseye-like center of her actual cervix with the tip of your penis, it can bring her to orgasm. Regardless, if you find a lover or are currently with a partner who has the capacity for cervical orgasms, then your male enhancement goals should revolve around the length of your penis (if you aren’t gifted there already).

The Argument for #TeamWidth

As if the battle of the sexes weren’t already hostile enough, the preferred answer to the length vs. width debate seems to be yet another irreconcilable difference between men and women. We men are obsessed with the lengths of our penises – but the vast majority of women are on #TeamWidth. And they have a few different reasons for feeling the way they do.

While the women on #TeamLength possess a cervix which is just sensitive enough to achieve climax when stimulated, the women on #TeamWidth tend to be hypersensitive to cervical stimulation. Getting the back wall of their vagina jackhammered buy a clueless, overzealous lover – especially one who is more gifted in length than he is width – feels like “throwing a hotdog down a hallway” and leaves almost all of the women on #TeamWidth sexually dissatisfied. For men who are well above average in the length department, sex can be extremely painful and leave many of the women who are on #TeamWidth desperately trying to make up excuses to avoid sex with a long-schlonged partner.

Women who prefer a girthier penis also experience intense physical pleasure from the friction and gentle pressure which gets applied to the vaginal wall during intercourse. This is especially true for women who have a well-developed, fully-functioning G-spot. A thicker penis will have an easier time stimulating that particular bundle of nerves, making it easier for a woman to achieve a vaginal orgasm.

While we’re on the subject, there’s a common misconception among males that we feel it’s important to clear up in order to help you and your partner enjoy much better sex. Some men believe that women’s vaginas have the capacity to stretch out lengthwise the same way they can spread out to accommodate a thicker member (or a baby during childbirth). This simply isn’t true. And because women have this capacity to accommodate a wider penis, whereas they don’t have a similar ability to accommodate a penis which is too long, you may finally start to see why there are so many more women on #TeamWidth instead of #TeamLength.

And the Winner Goes To…

…ask your partner! Yes, yes, we know this is the last answer any man wants to hear – especially those men who aren’t currently in a committed relationship. If you’re the type who wants to collect lovers the same way middle schoolers collected pogs in the 90’s, or if you’re not very experienced in relationships and think that having a perfectly-sized penis will find you the woman of your dreams, then this answer will be especially disappointing.

For those of you who are wondering why we went with “C: it’s a trick question!” instead of falling on one side of the fence or the other, it’s because we want to tell you the truth. And the truth is that the situation is a lot more complicated and nuanced than “this or that”. Different women are going to want different things in bed. Some women will climax more easily with a thicker penis, while others may really enjoy the feeling of your lengthy member “hitting the back wall”. But if you are truly dedicated to improving your anatomy, we suggest you pursue option D: invest in male enhancement products which increase length and girth so that you can give your partner the best of both worlds!