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Small, Medium, or Large: What’s YOUR Glans Size?

How does your glans size compare, on average, to other men? What would you say your glans size is: small, medium, large, huge, monster, or Leviathan? Or is there some other classification of glans size that is unique to you and your member?

The size and shape of your glans can seem fairly inconsequential, especially when you’re comparing it to your length and/or your girth. But is there more to the glans than meets the one-eyed, Bishop? Well, you’re about to find out. Our sexual experts (or “sexperts”, if you will) have ventured into the research realm once more to help men like you figure out what the best glans size is. And as it turns out, it’s a very important part of overall male enhancement!

What is the Glans Penis, and Why Does it Even Exist?

The word “glans”, i.e. the medical term doctors used to describe the more or less triangle-shaped spear of flesh at the tip of your manhood, comes from the Latin word glandes, which means “acorn”. On an uncircumcised man, the glans (or, more accurately, glans penis) can be partially or completely covered by the foreskin when the penis is flaccid. On a more serious note, scientists still don’t know exactly why the male human penis – or any mammalian penis, for that matter – has a glans. However, evolutionary biologists have a strong theory. It’s based on something called “sperm competition”. Theoretically, the rim of a male’s glans has the ability to scoop out the seminal fluid of other mates while engaging in sexual intercourse with a female. This can help ensure that there is less competition between his sperm, and the sperm of the other male mates that (ahem) came before him. This, in turn, could make him more successful at passing his genes along to the next generation.

The glans penis of humans comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are long and relatively narrow, like a perfect arrowhead. Others are short and measurably wider, effectively earning the “mushroom tip” euphemism which is commonly used to describe it. One extremely rare phenomenon of the human glans penis is a little something called penile papules. They run along the corona of the glans (the very edge of said mushroom tip) and resemble a series of small, lightly colored bumps. These unusual bumps are neither a sexually transmitted disease, a dangerous deformity, nor in any way detrimental to male physical and sexual health. If anything, it is a throwback to our evolutionary ancestors who all had penile papules thousands of years ago. If you have them, it just means you have more primal, caveman DNA in you than most men.

Please feel free to recite these interesting glans facts at your next (ahem) cocktail party. You’ll no doubt impress your peers with your extensive knowledge of penile trivia. Go ahead and take all the credit; we won’t be offended!

The Glans’ Role in Sexual Pleasure

There’s much debate about whether or not women appreciate – or even prefer – a large glans. Like the entire penis as a whole, the girth and length of the glans penis can be quantifiably measured by itself. Of course, every female is different (or so they say) and could potentially have her own preferences with regard to length and girth of the glans. But there is some evidence which suggests that women usually prefer men with larger umbrellas, so to speak.

The wider your glans is, the more physical sensation your partner will feel as you thrust in and out of her. This can be especially helpful for men who may not be as gifted in shaft girth but have a glans which casts a wider net. For men with a smaller glans and an equal or thicker shaft, the friction and stimulation inside the vagina will be covering a greater amount of surface area simultaneously as opposed to our first hypothetical example. So, really, it’s all about what your woman would rather feel: the edge of your glans going back and forth up and down her canal, or a thick shaft massaging the entire surface area of her inner walls.

Then, of course, there’s blowjobs. The anatomy of a blowjob can result in a dramatically different experience for both men and women depending on the size of your glans. For starters, a large glans can have benefits as well as negative consequences for the lady who is fellating you. A large, bulbous glans can make it difficult for her to relax her throat enough to deepthroat you. Some men with extraordinarily large glans may go their entire lives without ever feeling the wonderful sensation of a deepthroat BJ. On the other hand, there are some women out there who claim they enjoy the “lollipop” sensation that they get from popping a large glans in and out of their mouth.

Of course, this brings up the issue of dental-on-penile contact. Men with a larger glans, regardless of shaft size, may have a higher likelihood of getting rough contact from the sharper, unpleasant sides of a woman’s teeth during this intimate act. On the other hand, some men report that the sensation of a wider, bulbous glans being massaged and stimulated by the smooth, inner side of a woman’s molars is particularly pleasurable.

As much as you may be tempted to constantly measure and re-measure the girth and length of your glans, odds are your numbers will be depressingly inconsistent. Many men complain that their glans isn’t always as firm, swollen, or as large as it could be from one erection to another. Size and shape will vary based on the quality of your erections; and if you’re having a problem with your erection quality, then your glans size will suffer disproportionately more than your erection as a whole.

Is There a Way to Get a Better Glans Size?

Yes, there is! Any male enhancement product which promises to enhance your overall length and girth will undoubtedly improve your glans, too. Furthermore, if you get a really high-quality male enhancement pill, it’ll improve the quality and firmness of your erections as well. This will virtually eliminate any inconsistency with size and firmness in your glans while erect.

Improving your glans size isn’t just about your partner’s pleasure; it’s about yours, too! So if you’re ready to start down a male enhancement adventure that includes making your glans larger, stronger, and firmer, take a look at our male enhancement reviews page. You’re sure to find the product that will help you get the biggest and best glans size out there.