Will Losing Weight Make Your Penis Bigger and Longer?

All of us men are constantly looking for easy ways to either directly or indirectly increase the size of our penises. We’re sure that if you’ve been doing your research, you’ve learned that losing weight is a potentially effective way of increasing the size of your penis. But is this true, or is this “conventional wisdom” just a wives tale? Obviously, being the experts we are, we decided to take a look at this very important topic. After a careful amount of research, we discovered some surprising and nuanced answers to this particular query. If you’re curious about whether or not weight loss can make your penis bigger, we suggest you read the rest of this article. Depending on your goals, you will most likely not be disappointed by the answers you find here.

Will Losing Weight Make Your Penis Longer: Mostly True

The penis is a multi-dimensional organ, so discussing what makes a penis “bigger” is literally a multi-dimensional subject to tackle. Specifically, you have to discuss both length and width. In the section, we will discuss whether or not weight loss makes your penis longer. And the answer to that question is: mostly, yes.

Most men who are overweight tend to have a significant amount of abdominal fat. The greater the amount of fat you have in your lower abs/pubic area, the more likely it is that your lower belly will project outward and encompass the primary inches of your shaft. Even if you press in to try and add some length to your BPEL while measuring, you still may not be able to measure all the way down to the very base of your penis if there is too much fat in the way. Therefore, the more lower abdominal belly fat that you can lose, the longer your penis will be both visibly and functionally.

So why do we say mostly, instead of absolutely? Well, to be perfectly honest, your longer penis length was inside you the whole time. Losing weight doesn’t physically extend your natural length; it just exposes what was already there, but not readily accessible. However, there are effective ways that you can improve upon what Mother Nature blessed you with at birth. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Will Losing Weight Make Your Penis Bigger: Partially True  

Okay, so we’ve already tackled the question of whether or not losing weight will make your penis longer. But what about girth? And what about the size of your mushroom tip? Will losing weight improve the size of either of these?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is an unequivocal “no”. But the good news is that we have no reason to believe that weight loss could shrink the girth of your penis or your glands like it does the rest of your body. Sure, some plastic surgeons may inject fat into a man’s penis in order to increase those particular dimensions of overall penis size, but according to the available data, the bulk of a man’s member is formed by connective tissues and skin. As far as we know – and we are the experts, so we should know – body fat plays an insignificant role in the girth of your penis or your glands size (if it plays any role at all). So feel free to lose all the weight you want. Don’t lose any sleep – or worse, give up on your weight loss goals entirely – over the fear that you might turn your love rocket a pencil dick.

Other Benefits of Weight Loss (Besides Increasing Your Penis Size)

If you’re thinking about losing weight, we’re going to assume (or at the very least, hope) that you have other motivations going on which have spurred your desire to lose weight and get in shape. If so, congratulations! Having the resolve to improve your life is the first step. Additional motivation, such as an increase in penis size, will hopefully add some fuel to your fire. But there are other fantastic benefits of losing weight which we hope will give you that extra push to get going and get active. Luckily, many of them have male health benefits even beyond increasing your penis length.

For starters, having less body fat – especially body fat around your abdomen – reduces the amount of estrogen your body produces. You see, when you are overweight and you have a substantial amount of belly fat tissue, it wreaks havoc on your body’s ability to balance its hormones in a healthy way. To make a long story short: when you’re a big fat Fatty McFatterson, your body alters its hormone balance in a way that makes you lazy, tired, and compels you crave unhealthy foods that will keep you fat and make you fatter. Part of this process involves producing more estrogen and less testosterone. This is the reason why overweight men tend to have more belly fat and can even develop the dreaded “man boobs” which most men fear.

Losing this abdominal fat has a benefit for your testosterone production, too: since you are producing less estrogen, and since estrogen has a way of absorbing testosterone and taking it out of your bloodstream, your overall testosterone count will be higher. Plus the leaner you are, the more testosterone you will naturally produce in the first place. As we all know, testosterone is what makes a man manly. It helps you build muscle, it increases your libido, it gives you confidence, and it literally puts hair on your chest. So the more weight you lose, the more testosterone you will have in your system. Period.

Ways to Increase Overall Penis Size

So far, we’ve discussed losing weight, which can make your penis appear longer and increase your overall testosterone levels for better sexual health. But what about your girth? What about improving the size of your glans penis? Well, for that, you’re going to have to invest a little bit of money in a high-quality male enhancement supplement. We know, we know, you’re probably skeptical about whether these pills actually work, or weather it’s just a bunch of snake oil being sold by charlatans. We were skeptical too before we started digging into the facts. The benefits of our labors are on display for men like you on our product reviews page. We strongly suggest that you peruse the products we have investigated and find one that’s right for you. With the right pill, you can enjoy not just the gains in inches that you get from weight loss, but thicker, harder erections, a better libido, more confidence, and phenomenally better sex!