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“I Wish My Husband Had A Bigger Penis!”

Editor's Choice Bigger Penis Product

Ladies are the bearer of a lot of responsibilities. These days, they do most anything their masculine counterparts do — with the added job description of bearing life. Few will dispute their feeling justified in wanting  something big to satisfy them sexually.

It’s no small matter for some women when they stand by their man — they’d like their man to stand a bit taller at attention for their time. According to a study conducted by WebMD  on women and their partner’s package, a very large percentage of women out there want a bigger partner.  Some women equate finding a large man with “winning the lottery.”

Truthfully, what nature may not have given someone in the bedroom can be fixed with a variety of solutions. Some are more invasive or risky than others and both parties in the relationship should understand the risks fully before making any decision.

Here are just a few ways that you can remedy dissatisfaction in the bedroom, whether you’re one of those men concerned about fulfilling a large enough role or a women secretly wishing for more satiation:

Work What Your Momma (and Daddy) Gave Ya!

While medical science has its own solutions for enhancing a man’s penis, confidence and experience have their own answers as well. If the struggle to satisfy both you and your partner has entered your bedroom, there are a number of different positions you may want to explore.  Many of them focus on either simulating a tighter copulation than a traditional position may allow you or facilitating the deepest amount of penetration you both can afford. The results may surprise you.

Corrective Surgery: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger?

For some, positions that simulate a better-fitting sexual experience can be enough to put anxiety and tension to bed. For others, however, a more tangible change is desired. While a drastic course of action, corrective surgery is often the only path they think they can walk to be ultimately happy. It goes without saying that a more invasive solution does not exist. Some men opt to graft in a prosthetic brace, placed between the pelvic bone and base of the penis to increase length and/or girth, which others choose a saline-operated insert which is fed via a small reservoir beneath the scrotal tissue. Both mean a lengthy, painful recovery.

Even if you feel confident that you could endure the discomfort, the results are not guaranteed. Consider one procedure to increase penile length by severing the tendons at the base of the penis. Roughly 60% of your member is visible externally; the remaining length is anchored within the body by the suspensory ligament. Cutting the ligament allows the additional length to simply extend, as it is no longer being tethered as tightly to the pubic bone.

As a result, a man’s erection will no longer extend upward but instead droops downward when it grows. A man who has undergone this procedure will likely have to pick up his erection to penetrate his partner.

It bears mentioning that only 35% of men were satisfied with the results of surgical enhancement, in part because they only experience an increase of half an inch. Additionally, the smooth muscle tissue that makes up the majority of the penis is difficult to replicate in both shape and feeling and the prosthetics that are grafted to increase length can create a lumpy or uneven shape to the shaft — effects that are likely irreversible.

Confidently “Au Naturale”: Natural Male Enhancement!

If the idea of anyone taking a knife to someone’s genitals does not appeal to you, and if you’re not able to spend hours of time doing male enhancement exercises (and weeks and weeks waiting for minuscule results to come), then perhaps a simple supplement is the best choice for you or your partner. The goal of many of these male enhancement pills is to make the best use of the natural mechanism in your penis — the smooth-muscle tissue that grows with blood flow.

Healthy blood flow supplies the necessary “ballooning effect” to increase erection size. Many supplements feature ingredients that promote nitric oxide in your blood stream to increase dilation in vascular passages — like widening freeways for better traffic. Your blood gets to where it has to faster and more efficiently.

To find out more about natural male enhancement supplements and to find the one that’s right for you and your partner, check out our product review chart.