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Does Getting Circumcised Make You Bigger? or Smaller?

If you were circumcised as a baby, then that’s obviously something you’ve had to live with your whole life, whether you like it or not. For better or worse, there’s no way to change that, either. But the uncut men of the world have an opportunity to make that choice for themselves: to be circumcised, or not to be circumcised? That is, indeed, the question!

Some people believe that there are advantages to having a circumcised (or “cut”) penis. Yet other so-called experts claim that it either doesn’t matter, or that getting circumcised may actually be better for your health. Then, of course, there’s the most important question of all: how does circumcision affect penis size? Well, get ready to learn the answer. We decided to take on this age-old conundrum and do our best to figure out whether or not circumcision – along with other things, such as health and hygiene – can have a positive or a negative effect on your overall size.

Circumcision and Penis Size

We’re pretty sure everyone reading this already knows that a circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, and that the foreskin is a layer of skin into which the glans penis retracts when flaccid. More often than not, the parents of a male child will choose to have the foreskin removed – or circumcised – while it is still an infant. Sometimes, however, adolescent or adult males may choose to go under the knife for either cosmetic reasons, or because their foreskin is causing health problems (more on that in a minute).  

So how does this affect your size? Well, for the most part, it really doesn’t do that much. For men who are uncut, your flaccid penis will seem to have a little bit more bulk and girth to it while you are flaccid. But when you have an erection, and the tissues of your penis stretch out, the foreskin stretches right along with it and hugs the shaft so smoothly that you hardly even know it’s there. So unless you are very literally thick-skinned, there isn’t much that being uncircumcised can do for you – size-wise, at least.

Circumcised men will, of course, have their glans penis on display for the world to see (or, at the very least, their sexual partners) every time they take their pants off. But all of the experts we consulted assured us that penis size is largely determined buy things like genetics, your environment, and your health. Although a cut penis may look less girthy when flaccid, being a grower is much more important than being a shower. As long as your heart is healthy and you are getting plenty of blood flow to your member, being circumcised will not have a negative impact on your overall size. It won’t make you look or feel any bigger, either.

Circumcision and Sex

There’s a lot of rumors floating around about whether or not sex feels better one way or the other. There are some studies out there which claim that the foreskin is extremely sensitive, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that uncut men are having better sex or more powerful orgasms. Some studies out there, on the other hand, claim that being cut could decrease sensitivity and make it more difficult to have an orgasm. However, some of these studies have methodological flaws which call their findings into serious question. In reality, the only way to know the truth is to ask those few men on Earth who have undergone circumcision after losing their virginity – and even then, there are still a multitude of factors which can affect how good sex feels. Being cut or uncut is just one of them (and a minor one at that).

One convenient thing about being uncircumcised is the fact that it adds a bit of lubrication to your amorous activities. Whether you’re taking your pleasure into your own hands or getting intimate with a lover, that loose skin gives you a little extra room to maneuver, so to speak. But that doesn’t mean you should ditch the lube altogether. After all, in most cases, more lubrication is a much more favorable alternative to having too little. Of course, this means that men who are circumcised should have their lube at the ready. This can help avoid painful friction during sex for both you and your partner.

Circumcision and Penis Health

There are three areas of penis health which, with regard to circumcision, have been investigated over the years. Those are cancer, infertility, and infection. There’s a lot of information out there which says being uncircumcised can make you more vulnerable to all of the above. But when we took a closer look at the evidence, we started to see some inconsistencies.

To make a long story short, the health of your penis – especially an uncircumcised penis – is all about your personal hygiene. This is especially true for UTIs, sexually transmitted infections, and even penile cancer. You need to be sure to wash your anatomy regularly, and to pay extra attention to getting rid of the smegma (sometimes referred to as “dick cheese” or “duck butter”) which sometimes builds up under your foreskin. Otherwise, bacteria can thrive in this environment and increase your chances of penile cancer and infections.

There’s also the issue of phimosis and balanitis – two conditions which can prevent your foreskin from retracting. Phimosis is characterized by foreskin which is too tight to stretch out and retract over the glans. Balanitis happens when your foreskin become swollen and inflamed (usually as the result of an infection). For some of men, phimosis may become such a problem that it requires surgery. The same can be said for men with balanitis if topical or antibiotic treatments don’t work.

At the end of the day, your foreskin (or lack thereof) is just a small part of your sexual health and wellness. If you’re looking for true male enhancement, you need to stop worrying about your foreskin and start worrying about things like blood flow, testosterone production, and libido enhancement. On our reviews page, you can find some of the best male enhancement products your money can buy. We’ve already done all the hard work and reviewed them for you – now it’s your turn to take a look and decide for yourself.