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Is Micropenis a real condition?

Often referred to in the medical community as Microphallus, Micropenis is a very real condition that renders the penis drastically smaller than average starting at birth, leaving the penis as small as 1.9 cm when stretched. When males with the condition reach adulthood the average size is less than 2 inches long. Although those males diagnosed with Micropenis make up less than 1 percent of the male population, those that live with this condition, often live with a constant sense of frustration. In fact, those males suffering from micropenis mostly have all the attributes associated with normal male genitalia (normal size testicles) but suffer from a notably small penis that, in many instances, has little discernible signs of a shaft.

Despite the devastating outward symptoms and undeniable disadvantages that come with this diagnosis, there are many examples of men who have gone on to have very satisfying sexual experiences and father families. Unfortunately, for many the worst aspect of having this condition is the personal shame and stigma of having an “inadequate” penis that causes the most pressing concerns with those who have it. It has been our understanding that many seek out counseling and achieve significant relief from the psychological traumas through such measures.

The Causes and Treatment of Micropenis

It should be noted that there are several causes for micropenis including a genetic element, the vast majority of cases are a result of low testosterone levels in the latter two trimesters during the pregnancy of those afflicted. And, although micropenis can be detected as soon as early childhood the most common treatment is based on testosterone stimulation but it should be noted that this form of treatment is only prescribed for those with hormonal deficiencies. Generally, the treatment consists of a three month trial in which the penis is measured for changes in expected growth. According to some researchers, there are examples of the treatment resulting in accelerated growth that results in penis size easily enters the range of normal male size and functionality.

Surgical Options

Another way to deal with the condition is through surgical procedures. Often, this course of action is actually a two part system combining surgical elements and one or more rounds of hormonal treatments. In rare cases, gender reassignment is considered and, though thought by some in the field to be controversial, there is a component related to psychological counseling for all parties affected by such decisions including the patient, parents, siblings and other personally close parties.

Often times, patients and their families may not deem the condition necessary at a young age and, therefore, forego any meaningful treatment until the male has reached adulthood or, at least, an age when normal sexual activity can be expected. At this point, the surgical option is the most common method to correct the issue and although the types of surgical procedures do vary there are two main goals: One is to extend the length of the penis while the other is designed to increase the girth. Research shows that the majority of surgical treatments focus on extending the length. When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of such procedures the complexities of such decisions should never be taken lightly as, with any such decision, there are risks and they should always be considered in consultation with highly qualified medical personnel who are capable of understanding the patient’s needs and medical history.

Non-Surgical Options

Still, there are other potential remedies such as penile traction therapy (penis extenders) as well as manual penis exercises and various penis pump mechanisms. Even though there are claims by individuals that these more non-invasive measures there are no medically proven examples of these treatments achieving what would be considered “acceptable” results from someone diagnosed with micropenis. Again, these options may be considered before moving forward with the far more risky aspects of a surgical solution.

Weight Loss Options

Finally, it should be noted that obesity can be a considerable contributing factor in the measurable effects of micropenis. This is true in that the more fatty tissue around the pubic area the more the actual shaft length can be submerged and, therefore, hidden beneath the surface. Reducing fat around the abdomen and pelvic areas can raise more shaft area to the surface and, of as a matter of course, into visible and useful territory. This strategy combining exercise and nutritional adjustments alone could make a significant reduction in the appearance of issues related to micropenis and how those suffering from it experience its effects. So, if nothing else, it would be advisable to get out there and lose a few pounds. Also, as with any other medical advice one should always consult with a registered physician to make sure that any regimen of physical activity and dietary changes are safe, advisable and in line with the goals set forth by the patient.