What’s the Difference Between a Bigger Penis, and a Bigger Erection?

When men say they want a bigger penis, many of them don’t necessarily put a whole lot of thought into what, exactly, that means. After all, the penis is a dynamic organ. It can change its size and shape in many different ways, multiple times a day. Knowing, this, let’s circle back around to the original question: what, exactly, does it mean to have a bigger penis? Do men want a larger penis while flaccid, or do they want their penis to the look larger and more spectacular when they have an erection? What about both? Today, we will attempt to answer these questions. In the process, we can hopefully get closer to finding the answer to the greatest question of all.

What, Exactly, Does it Mean to Have a Bigger Penis?

If you are concerned about the overall size of your penis, then you may want to find out how to get a bigger penis even while flaccid. For some men, this can be harder to do then only seeing results when they have an erection. After all, there are a lot of logistical problems when it comes to focusing on increasing the flaccid size of your penis.

When it comes to the length, girth, and other dimensions of your penis while flaccid, recording a consistent measurement even when you aren’t pursuing male enhancement can be damn near impossible. And if you are pursuing male enhancement? Good luck! The size of a man’s flaccid penis is the most unreliable to measure. The tiniest thing – whether it’s temperature, the time of day, your emotional state, or any other seemingly insignificant factor – can increase or decrease the size of your penis by half an inch or more. So how can you really expect to make progress towards increasing the size of your penis when flaccid?

Furthermore, when you think about it, trying to get a bigger flaccid penis is a little bit moot. Sure, if you shower regularly with other men, this may give you a little extra confidence and make you feel like you have an edge over the competition. But the other 99% of your time, a flaccid penis isn’t really doing anything important. It’s when your penis is erect that it looks the most impressive and it’s most useful for pleasing your lover. So in reality, when you say you want a bigger penis, you’re really saying that you want a bigger erection. And that is a very important distinction to make.

What Does it Mean to Have a Bigger Erection?

When you get an erection, your member becomes engorged with blood. Now, there is only so much blood you can pump into your love rocket while it is erect – but if you can manage to pump yourself up to the max, you can get a more reliable measurement of how big your penis can be. Whether you’re a grower or a shower, you’re not going to know how big your penis can get unless you are consistently measuring yourself while erect.

Since the real goal of male enhancement is to increase your erection size, strength, power, and endurance, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you need in order to increase the size of your erection. So here are some fun facts about what can either help make your erection bigger or severely stunt your erectile growth:

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