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ProEnhance Patch Review

ProEnhance is a new type of male enhancement which comes in the form of a discreet patch instead of a pill or a capsule. The patch can be worn for three days before needing to be changed and remains adhesive despite water or physical activity.

ProEnhance Benefits:

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ProEnhance Ingredients:

Panax Ginseng: While ginseng has many uses, for the purposes of the ProEnhance formula, ginseng is a male sexual health enhancer. There have even been scientific studies as recently as 2002 proving that ginseng is useful for increasing low libido levels and helping men achieve an erection.

Fo-Ti: This herb goes by many names, including “Seikasku” in Japan and “Ha Thu O” in Vietnam. People originally began using this tubal root back in the late 1500’s to increase libido and improve the quality of their erections. It also has the ability to reduce the boost energy levels and stamina.

Gotu Kola: This leafy green has many different uses, but for the purposes of the ProEnhance formula, its positive effect on blood pressure is essential for the patch’s formula. Once blood pressure is regulated to a healthy level, this can enhance the amount of blood which flows into the penis when sexually aroused.

Saw Palmetto: There are a couple of ways in which Saw Palmetto can help with male sexual health. For starters, there are medical journals which suggest that saw palmetto can reduce an enlarged prostate. It also works as a libido enhancer.

Full Ingredient List:
Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not provided a full list of ingredients at this time.

ProEnhance Directions/Warnings:

Directions: Apply the ProEnhance patch to any spot on your lower abdomen. Leave on for three days, then remove the old patch and apply a new patch. Repeat once every three days.

Warnings: While there aren’t any known side effects associated with using the ProEnhance system, there is no guarantee it won’t cause rare and unexpected side effects. Talk to your doctor before full use, especially if you are currently taking any other medications.

ProEnhance In-Depth Review:

The ProEnhance system is an intricate package which involves the herbal patch, male enhancement exercises, and a 67-day guarantee for customer satisfaction. The larger the package you buy, the more intense the customer support and supplemental male enhancement bonus gifts you will receive. Many clients might be attracted to the fact that ProEnhance comes in patch form, which can be a welcome change for those who have trouble swallowing pills or remembering to take them at the same time each day.

However, the system is not without its drawbacks. For some men, especially older men who have problems with erectile dysfunction and erection potency, the specific ingredients in the ProEnhance patch might be particularly helpful. However, it is unlikely to produce permanent gains in length and girth, and younger men with a healthy sex drive and naturally strong erections might not observe any noticeable benefits from the ProEnhance patch. The supplemental materials, including the male enhancement exercises, might show some size improvements; however, this requires the purchase of a more expensive ProEnhance package.

While the ProEnhance patch might help men who struggle with erectile potency, it is unlikely to create a permanent size increase, especially if you have a young and healthy penis. If inches are your main concern, you should stop by our product reviews section and see how ProEnhance stands up to the competition.

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