“How Can I Make My Penis Bigger?”

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Most men wonder about this question at one time or another during the course of their life. Even adult film stars worry about bigger and better competitors in their particular career field. But for the average guy, making sure their penis is performing at its best is an important aspect of their lifestyle. Effective male enhancement can not only improve your personal quality of life, but that of your spouse or lover too.


Many men might be curious about whether or not it is possible to expand the size of their penis with a surgical procedure. After all, women have an unfair advantage in this area; there are scores of different surgeries they can take advantage of at a relatively low cost in order to permanently enhance any of their sexual assets. So what about surgery to make your penis bigger?

Surgical male enhancement, unfortunately, is not so simple. The procedure usually involves cutting the ligaments responsible for stabilizing your erection, as well as grafting tissue from another part of your body onto your penis. If anything goes wrong with the surgery, the side effects are usually permanent and can include things such as partial erectile dysfunction, scarring and/or loss of sensation. Also, depending on which tissues are harvested, there is a high likelihood of your body reabsorbing them. Not to mention, this procedure costs anywhere from $3,500-$10,000 on average.

So is surgical male enhancement the answer? For those who have undergone the procedure and are happy with their results, it may seem so. But most men don’t feel like the high cost and even higher risk of penile damage are worth it.

Pumps, Stretching, and Other Exercises

There are non-surgical ways of making your penis bigger, such as using a penis pump or stretching it with weights or physical ‘exercises’. While neither of these techniques requires you to go under the knife, they are still physically invasive and can be painful if not performed correctly. On the other hand, their expense is often minimal when compared to expensive surgery and some of these techniques can be performed for free in the privacy of your own home.

Penis pumps are popular products because they are easy to purchase discreetly over the internet and also fairly user-friendly. The process works by placing a tube around your penis which is sealed at the top and attached to a pumping mechanism. When you pump, air is sucked out of the tube, forcing the tissues in your penis to expand and allow more blood to flow into your member. But be careful; pumping too hard or too often can result in pain or possibly minor tissue damage.

Stretching can be done by hand or with weights or penis extenders, which can be purchased over the internet. The trick to the stretching method lies in the execution. As you can imagine, hanging the wrong amount of weight from your anatomy could result in pain or permanent damage to the penis.

Jelqing is probably the most common penis exercise. Jelqing is performed by hand and can work, but it takes at least half an hour of time each day for Even minimal effects to show. Unfortunately, jelqing could possibly damage blood vessels in your member if you perform the exercises incorrectly.

Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills, creams and oils are a the most popular, reliable, and most importantly, safe way to make your penis bigger. Most of them use all-natural ingredients which are safe for anyone to use. Pills are easy to use at your convenience and, when coupled with jelqing or a high-quality penis pump, can synergistically take your male enhancement that much further.

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