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Is The Brazilian Wandering Spider the Secret to a Bigger Penis?

With all of the different products available for male enhancement, there are many different approaches a person can take. One new and unique treatment was discovered when victims of spider bites in South America appeared to be suffering from prolonged erections. Scientists have been working to discover what causes these erections and whether these spiders can be used to create an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

About the Brazilian Wandering Spider

Phoneutria, which is commonly known as the Brazilian wandering spider, is a genus of spider located primarily in South America. The spider is cited as the world’s most venomous spider in the Guinness Book of World Records, although most cases of Brazilian wandering spider bites are able to be treated and are not fatal. The Brazilian wandering spiders get their nickname because they are known to wander across the jungle floor at night. During the day, the spiders hide away under logs, rocks, banana plants, and in other hidden spaces.

Effects of a Brazilian Wandering Spider Bite

Most of those who are bitten by the Brazilian wandering spider must receive medical attention for the painful bite as well as another embarrassing side effect. In addition to a painful bite, the Brazilian wandering spider leaves victims of with something more than just terrible pain. Men who are bitten by the spider also experience an uncomfortable erection that lasts for hours and usually has to be treated by medical professionals.

How the Spider’s Venom Works for Male Enhancement

How a dangerous spider bite can work for male enhancement may seem like a mystery. However, a study conducted by a group of Brazilian and American scientists revealed that it is the toxin PnTx2-6 in the spider’s venom that works to enhance male performance. The study was performed on rats and revealed that the toxin triggered a release of nitric oxide. This chemical works to dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow, thus resulting in an erection. Although victims of the spider’s bite typically suffer from an uncomfortable and painful erection, many scientists believe that PnTx2-6 could be used in drugs to treat erectile dysfunction.

The Study and Results

The study mentioned above was conducted by extracting the toxin PnTx2-6 from the spider’s venom. After extracting the toxin, researchers injected rats suffering from age-related erectile dysfunction with the toxin. The rats that were injected with the toxin were observed to have increased erections as a result of the increased release of nitric oxide. The study found that erectile dysfunction was decreased in the rats within just 15 to 20 minutes of injection. Currently, the use of PnTx2-6 for treating erectile dysfunction is still under testing. Scientists hope to be able to use the toxin in a drug to treat humans who suffer from the condition, but such a drug hasn’t been developed at this time.

Are There Better Options for Male Enhancement?

Many men turn to erectile dysfunction medications for general male enhancement, in hopes on getting a bigger penis or increasing their sexual stamina. While products like Viagra and Cialis help increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in a larger erection, misusing these prescription medications can be dangerous. Men without erectile dysfunction can find themselves suffering from priapism–a painful erection that does not go away without medical intervention–following improper use of erectile dysfunction treatments. There are already a number of natural male enhancement supplements that can help increase penis size without these risks. To find out which products we recommend, visit our male enhancement product reviews.