From Permanent Marker to Beer Can: What Is a Good Girth Size?

The vast majority of men out there are by-and-large preoccupied with the length of their penis, and whether it measures up to their competition. The obsession is so pervasive that you can find symbolic manifestations of this from the Washington Monument to the Eiffel Tower to the Great Pyramids, and more. Fun historical fact: at one point in Italy during renaissance times, the government had to pass laws limiting the length of sabers that men would carry around in public because some started ordering swords that were so cumbersomely long, they were causing damage to people and property when they would walk around town.

For better or worse, an often neglected aspect of penis size is the girth. After all, the male member is a three-dimensional object; so you can’t really say whether or not you have a large penis unless you’re measuring both of these metrics. But how important is girth? Is it more important than length, especially when it comes to your partner’s sexual pleasure? And what exactly is a good girth size, anyway? We decided to do some investigation and discover the answers to these questions as a public service for all mankind. And we discovered some very surprising things.

What Is the Average Penis Girth Size?

In order to determine the girth of your penis, you have to measure all the way around the shaft with measuring tape. Alternatively, you could wrap a string around it, make a note of where the two ends of the string connect, and then measure that on a flat ruler. That number is what’s known as the circumference of your penis. If you divide that number (not multiply, contrary to the misguided advice we saw on some male enhancement forums), you have the diameter of your penis. For the most part, though, the diameter is only an important number if you need to order jewelry for your ampallang piercing. The larger number – the circumference – is the one most people use when talking about penis girth.

Scientific studies on the subject of average girth size have produced mixed results in recent years. A European study performed in 2008 measured the penis girth of over 10,000 men from 25 different European Union countries. Men who were considered to be on the smaller size of the spectrum had about a 4″ circumference, whereas those on the larger end had an average girth of 5.4″ (surprisingly, this award goes to French men of all people). The condom brand LifeStyles threw their hat into the ring and measured young, white, American men in Cancun, Mexico who were venturing south of the border for spring break. Of the 75% of test subjects who could maintain an erection long enough to be measured, the average penis circumference was right around 5″. Furthermore, a different study published in the Journal of Urology reported That their volunteers fell between 3.5″ and 3.9″ average girth size. It should be noted though that most of these men were volunteering for the study because they had recently consulted a urologist for personal male enhancement.

Based on this information, it seems as though the estimated average penis girth is somewhere around 4.5″. For context, this is about as big around as a golf ball. A decent sized banana would have a girth of 5″, a can of red bull would be nearly 7″ (which is well above average), and a #10 rebar is around 3.9″. While the numbers themselves may not seem all that far apart, even as much as a quarter of an inch can make a significant difference for your partner. And trust us – most women are very concerned about that measurement.

What Women Want (in a Man’s Girth)

Depending on the surveys you review, anywhere between 75% and 99% of women say that the girth of a man’s penis brings them more sexual satisfaction than the length. Scientifically speaking, this actually makes a lot of sense. A wider member will put more pressure on the inner walls of the vagina, which is constantly happening during thrusting. It may even be better at stimulating her G-spot than a lengthy member. Meanwhile, the tip of the penis only makes contact with a woman’s cervix (if it makes contact at all) for a small fraction of each thrust. If you think about it, this can help explain why it takes so much longer and why it’s so much more difficult to bring a woman to climax.

Ways to Maximize Your Girth

Whether it’s for your pleasure, hers, or both, there are plenty of justifiable reasons to want to increase the girth of your penis. And there are some viable solutions out there, too. But not all of them will work as well as others. Getting surgery, for example, is often extremely expensive and risky. And even if the procedure goes well, the results may not be permanent. You could also try using sleeves, love cages, or penis extenders to give your partner that extra something in the bedroom; however, this strategy will make most men very uncomfortable. Sex toys won’t eliminate the insecurity of knowing that you can’t give your woman what she really wants.

In our personal experience, the best way to permanently increase your girth is with a high-quality male enhancement pill. If anything, some of these supplements are better at increasing girth than they are length. The good ones force more blood into your erection by stretching the blood vessels wider than they normally would be. Overtime, this not only allows larger engorgement to your erect member, but it stretches out other soft tissues for a thicker flaccid penis, too. They can work especially well if you combine them with male enhancement massage techniques.

We’ve done our due diligence and reviewed many different male enhancement products on this site. There are hundreds of different pills and creams out there which promise to temporarily or permanently increase the size of your penis. Some of them even promised to do both. We’ve discovered that some products do that much better than others, and we have compiled a list of the best ones in our reviews section.