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Can Increasing Testosterone Help Grow Your Penis?

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One of the first things anyone learns in biology class is that testosterone is what’s responsible for making men men. In other words, while Human Growth Hormone is responsible for helping our bodies grow up into adults, testosterone is responsible for the things that make us men; it gives us our deep voices, our strength, hair on our face and body, and it also fuels our insatiable sex drive. Testosterone is responsible for the maturation of our sex organs when we’re growing up. That being said, can testosterone help our sex lives when we’re adults? And if it can help our sex lives, are the changes permanent? We examine all that and more here.

So What Exactly Does Testosterone Do?

Testosterone begins affecting us when we’re in the womb. Before we’re even born, it’s responsible for the development of many of our organs (not just our sex organs) and is also responsible for helping us claim our gender identity. Once we hit adolescence, testosterone is responsible for many important changes in our body: sebaceous gland enlargement (which can lead to acne); the growth of facial, body, and pubic hair; voice deepening, the loss of “baby fat”, and bone structure changes (i.e. broader shoulders and rib cage). Testosterone is also responsible for many of the sexual changes our body goes through in our teens, such as penis enlargement, increased libido and frequency of erections, and even the ability to be fertile.

Testosterone and Adulthood

Testosterone continues to influence us during our adulthood. Our testosterone levels impact the way we make decisions and think, and even affect our personality. For example, there is an entire branch of research- Evolutionary Neuroandrogenic Theory- that deals with the way high testosterone levels affect aggression, criminal behavior, and other traits that are considered socially unacceptable, such as alcoholism or antisocial behavior. There is another branch of research that considers how testosterone alters our decision-making when we’re in love or are in relationships.

Testosterone is still very important to the way our body functions when we’re adults. Testosterone levels affect our mental and physical energy and are important for maintaining muscle mass. This is why many elderly people today swear by testosterone replacement therapy as a way to keep them feeling young, although scientists still aren’t completely sure whether or not this is the best way to treat the ravishes of old age. Women also produce tiny amounts of testosterone, usually more when they are younger, but there are many guides on how to increase testosterone in women.

Can Testosterone Help Our Sex Lives?

Yes and no. A few things are clear: testosterone will help boost your sex drive as well as your ability to have longer, harder erections. It can help increase your ability to recover after sex, and will boost your mental and physical ability to handle sexual activity. However, it is not clear if simply increasing testosterone levels will cause your penis to grow, as is claimed by many male enhancement companies. If anything, it takes a lot more than that.

What Are Some Safe And Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone?

There are many pharmaceutically-based ways to increase testosterone level, but there are also many natural ways to increase testosterone that will serve to naturally boost your body’s testosterone levels. Many of these natural sources can be found in the market’s leading male enhancement pills:

Maca is a root extract that promotes endurance and energy, in day-to-day life and within the bedroom. Maca increases testosterone safely and naturally.

According to research, Muira Puama affects the body in ways that testosterone usually would, which has led some to conclude that Muira Puama can actually raise your body’s testosterone levels or duplicate the effects of testosterone on the body.

Epimedium causes vasodilation, which increases the amount of blood that can go to the penis, which will in turn improve erections. Epimedium also helps increase the body’s production of testosterone.

Tribulus Terrestris has been known to increase testosterone levels and improve performance in the bedroom.

What Are Some Products That Will Help Grow My Penis?

There are many male enhancement products out there, but only a few of them are truly effective – whether you’re looking to raise your testosterone levels, increase the size of your penis, or both. We’ve reviewed and ranked the market’s top products to help you figure out which product is right for you.  Check out our male enhancement comparison chart for more information.