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Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Penis

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John Paul Sartre famously said, “Hell is being locked forever in a room with your friends.” French cynicism like his is but one vision of Hell. Hell is whatever you make it out to be. For some men — hell is a public locker room.

The anxiety and feelings of inadequacy they feel can be crippling. They feel they don’t have a third leg to stand on and that can be important for a lot of men. The hard truth is that many men don’t even know what they’re afraid of. Talking phallic can be a touchy subject, but there’s more to your penis than you may know.

Despite how familiar you may have become with it during your teens, men generally don’t compare — and despite what some people say, if you’ve seen one dick, you haven’t seen them all. Here are five facts you may not have known about your penis:

1) The Proper “Time” to Measure Your Penis is Six O’clock, Not Midnight

The proper medical procedure for determining the length of your penis is the Stretched Penis Length method. It is done so when the penis is limp, not erect. Reason being that some soldiers salute more enthusiastically than others. Science has determined there are too many variables from penis to penis — two of the same length when limp can differ when erect.

Luckily, this isn’t how you determine condom size. You still get to choose that when you’re at your “best”. For medical purposes though, you measure the penis by placing a ruler under it, pressing the beginning of it tightly against the pubic bone. You then grasp your penis with your free hand and then pull it away from yourself as far as it goes. When you reach the end of your pliability that is your penis’s length.

2) The Truth About Size Could Set You Free

Let’s get real for a moment. Your penis is not supposed to be the size of a cucumber. What you think is small can be normal and what you think is normal is so irregular, less than 1% are characterized by it. Depending on which survey you use for information, the average size of a penis (within a margin of half an inch) is between 5.24″ and 6.5″ stretched.

That’s the fact. Only a very small percentage of men have a stretched penis length of 6.8″ or greater. Anguish about penis length can be attributed to a variety of influences — pornography being hugely responsible. Media in general is responsible for a lot of anxiety in our society, men and women alike.

Interestingly enough, the percentage of the population that actually has what can be characterized as a truly small penis is the same as the over-endowed: less than 1%. These men have a stretched penis length of about 2.75″ or less. That is the true measure of the condition known as “Micropenis”.

3) More Than Meets the Eye

No, your penis is not a Transformer. I’m referring to what men who are concerned with their size may misdiagnose as micropenis — “inconspicuous penis”. This is a condition of the penis not necessarily being truly ‘small’, but appearing smaller because of external circumstances. This issue is caused by a variety of factors — the most common being excessive body fat or minor skin anomalies near the penis, like foreskin webbing.

A penis that appears to be buried in the groin can seem so because of extra fat around the abdomen and groin or because the surrounding tissues don’t separate where they should have. Normally, about 66% of your penis is visible, with the remaining third or so retracted inside you — the reason for the Stretched Penis Length method. If more of ‘you’ protrudes because of additional body fat, it can create an optical ‘swallowing’ effect on your penis.

4) Your Penis Goes With The Flow

Cardiac health is important to the performance of your penis. Since it is predominantly smooth muscle tissue that stretches and expands with blood flow, having good circulation and blood pressure can be critical to your member answering the call, standing up and being recognized.

5) Whatever Your Size, You Care More Than Women Do

A study conducted on both sexes about penis size showed that 45% of men wish they had a bigger penis, but that 85% of women were happy with their partner’s size. That works out to men worrying about the size of their penis much more than their partners.

If you’re still dissatisfied with your penis and are keen on improving yourself (there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be above average), additional solutions exist. Each should be considered carefully and some should be avoided like the plague.

Surgery, for example, is performed semi-regularly to correct either injuries or complications from birth. The use of bracing, saline-operated inflatable prosthetics and cosmetically enhancing procedures have all been documented — some with controversial or dangerous results.

Let’s just say nature is often imitated but rarely duplicated. Dissatisfying results are either difficult or near-impossible to reverse after procedures are completed. In light of that, male enhancement pills have become increasingly popular for their ease of use, inexpensive price, and reduced amounts of risk.

To learn about the top male enhancement pills on today’s market, consult our male enhancement product reviews page for details.