Prolong Plus Review

It probably went something like this – one day you looked in the mirror and came to the realization that you had lost step. Sure, it probably wasn’t some earth shattering realization but there was no denying that something had changed. Specifically, you couldn’t help but notice that the near overwhelming drive for sex that you had always had since you were a young teenager just wasn’t as powerful as it had always been. It might even have been worse than that if it wasn’t until you had some experience with actually having trouble performing up to the same level in the bedroom. Yes, it is often quite common for men to keep deluding themselves that everything is fine right up to the point where they have an issue that can only be seen as having to do with sexual or erectile dysfunction. And, when this happens the guy isn’t the only one who notices. So, the big questions every man in this situation ends up asking are – why is this happening and what can they do about it?

To understand why this is happening one first has to understand some basic physiology in men and, in essence, that all boils down to the role that testosterone has to play in male sexual drive and performance. The bottom line is that this key male hormone is largely responsible for almost everything that makes any guy a man from his ability to produce large quantities of lean muscle mass and burn fat at a high rate to providing him with a strong sex drive and the ability to perform at a high level. The problem that generally develops for most men is that sometime around the age of thirty, after they have moved beyond the point of full maturity, is that their body’s capacity to produce testosterone at a high level begins to drop off and they slowly begin to lose the benefits that high levels of testosterone brings.

The good news is that after centuries of men having no real way to reverse this trend science and research into certain herbal studies have shown that certain all-natural substances and plant extracts can help the male body kick start the testosterone building process and help men return to or close to being the men that they once were. These developments are what have made the creation of the modern male enhancement supplement possible.

The downside to all of these great advances and the advent of high quality male enhancement supplements is that they have become so incredibly popular and successful that the market for them has now become deluged with literally hundreds of newer type products which, in many cases, have been shown to be somewhat or even far less effective than the highest rates products that they industry has long offered. This is likely due to the fact that so many companies are now putting out products as quickly and cheaply as possible in order to get in on what has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancements supplements on the market today – it’s called Prolong Plus.

About Prolong Plus

Prolong Plus
A visit to the official product website provided for Prolong Plus will see claims that it is designed to be an all- natural daily male enhancement supplement similar to nearly all of its main competitors in its core formulation. That means that its main function is to boost the level of testosterone production in aging males in order to raise the sense of sexual drive or libido and boost sexual performance including sexual stamina and endurance.

Prolong Plus Ingredients

A review of the core ingredients shows a long list of elements common to many of the leading brands on the market today. Among them are Cardamom, Curculigo Orchioides, Cnidium Monnieri, Dioscore Villosa, Ginseng, Passiflora Incarnata, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris and 5-HTP.

Clinical Research And Testing

Clearly, it’s a good thing to know what ingredients are used in any product and having them clearly shown on the product package is great which was not always required under law. This now allows consumers to see if the product contains the most desired elements or others which may lead to medical concerns such as allergies. Still, there is another set of details which can be far more informative and that is any which have come about as a result of research, studies or clinical trials that could have been done on the product during its development stage. Unfortunately, this type of data is often not available as many products of this kind are never subjected to this kind of rigor as many manufacturing sectors around the globe do not require it.

A review of all of the available information from both the makers of Prolong Plus and a number of independent outside sources did not reveal any credible or verifiable evidence that would support the claims being made for this product.

Prolong Plus User Comments

As the internet became a part of daily life for most consumers over the last couple of decades it has become much easier to know how a product or service truly rates among users due to the ever increasing rise in the number of user review sites that have sprung up. However, it must be noted that as consumers were found to rely on these comments more and more companies saw that they could dilute the power of poor ratings by manipulating the rating through control of many sites that host them. This being the case there is now a high degree of obvious and inherent bias showing up in many of the user reviews that consumers end up viewing. Knowing this we always look for more independent sources of user comments.

Using a survey of several industry related websites having no known connection to Prolong Plus or its maker plus a number of online chat rooms and forums with a history of discussing male enhancement supplements we found a wide array of independent user reviews for this product. Based on a calculation of the overall user satisfaction ratings we found that the vast majority of user reviews were highly negative with regard to their experience.

Health And Safety Concerns

A look back at the long list of ingredients used in the making of Prolong Plus it seems unlikely that there would be any serious health issues with its use being that all the elements happen to be in wide use throughout the industry and even in most major brands. However, it is always best to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning a daily regimen of this or any other product with a similar composition.

Buying Prolong Plus

Beyond the official product website we are not aware of any other places to purchase this product. As of the date of publication the stated cost of a one month supply was set at $49.95.

Prolong Plus Conclusions

The fact that you have read this product review indicates that you are likely a candidate for help with the effects of lowered testosterone production. The fact is that men in this position all over the world are turning more and more to male enhancement supplements to deal with this and the question we had here was whether or not Prolong Plus was among the best options the market could offer. To determine this we decided to focus our review on three key factors.

The first was the stated list of ingredients and, in this case, there is little doubt that it measures up well against most products on the market today. The second was to look at the evidence that was available regarding any research, studies or testing that Prolong Plus might have been the subject of. Here, we noted that there is no credible or verifiable data that would show that the claims being made as to the effectiveness of the product are based on any defined facts. The last factor was related to what we found regarding independent user reviews and, as detailed earlier, the vast majority of those that we saw did not have a high opinion of their experiences even after long term use of a month or more.

Putting all of these factors together the evidence seems clear in that Prolong Plus has yet to prove that it is one of the best possible choices for aging men and their desire to overcome the effects of lowered testosterone production.

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