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Penis Stretching.

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Although the name sounds like some sadistic form of torture that no man would want any part of, penis stretching is actually a viable method to get a bigger penis, and is in fact probably the most practiced form of penis enlargement, as there are several different systems – such as penis weights and penis extenders – that utilize the concept used in manual penis stretching.

How Does It Work?

You may be asking “how does penis stretching work?” Penis stretching works similar to the way that penis lengthening surgery works. In the most common form of penis lengthening surgery, the tendon that causes the penis to become erect is snipped. This causes most men who undergo the surgery to get an inch or so of extra length, but there are some long-term ramifications – most notably, that a man who receives this treatment won’t be able to “stand up” anymore when he gets hard. Other complications may result from an operation such as this, such as long-term nerve damage, for example.

When executed properly, penis stretching is a much safer way to get some extra length. Penis stretching exercises work by gradually stretching out that same tendon instead of cutting it off completely. This way, a man will lose a bit of his ability to stand up as tall as he was able to before, but he will still be able to “get it up”. Penis weights and penis extenders work in the same fashion; the only difference is that they require less manual labor. The drawback to these devices is that they are quite expensive, and there is major risk of causing permanent damage to the penis if used incorrectly.

How Do I Stretch?

To execute a set of simple penis stretches, simply hold your flaccid (soft) penis just past the head, then pull downward with a gentle force and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this process while stretching your penis right, left, upward, and straight ahead. Be sure to follow a consistent daily routine and to give yourself time to rest; some people prefer to start with one set daily on weekdays, then rest on the weekend. Others prefer to start with 2-4 sets every other day, then gradually increase their number of sets.

It’s of the utmost importance that you “listen” to what your body tells you while doing penis stretches (or any other penis exercise, for that matter). This is why you start your penis stretching routine with a gentle force, then gradually increase intensity after 2-4 weeks, because you need to understand the signals your body is sending you in response to the exercise. It’s also important that you don’t feel any pain while you’re stretching, since this is an indicator that you may be damaging your penis during the stretching process. If you feel any pain, cease stretching immediately. Be sure to eat and sleep right while you’re committed to a penis stretching routine, or else your body won’t be able to recover properly, and you’ll be at worse risk of penile damage.

How Can I Maximize My Gains?

Penis stretching will help you gain length, but will only begin showing minimal gains after several months of consistent exercise. If you would like to accelerate the growth process (or if you don’t think you’ll have the time to commit to a stretching program), our experts strongly suggest that you use a penis enhancement supplement. Our experts have even made the job easy for you by reviewing and ranking the top penis supplements on the market today, so you can know what really works.

Also, if you’ve already been doing penis stretches for some time, it’s important to strengthen your penis from the inside out. Eating right and sleeping right will help you do this, but a penis enhancement supplement will give your body exactly what it needs.

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