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All About Penis Extension Devices

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If there’s one thing that’s true about most men on this earth, it’s that most men aren’t confident in the size of their penises. So it figures that many men would be drawn to a device with a name like “penis extender”, without even knowing if such a device is healthy, safe, or even effective, once they think that it can help make their penises longer. As a matter of fact, if people called these devices by their more alternate, less pleasant-sounding name- penis traction devices- then it’s a sure bet that most men would probably never consider using such a thing. So what do these devices do? How do they work? Are they effective? Are they dangerous? The answers are all below.

How Do Extenders Work?

You may be asking “how do penis extension devices work?” Penis extenders- also known as penis stretchers or traction devices- work the same way that penis lengthening surgery works, although the long-term consequences are far less drastic. In penis lengthening surgery, the tendon that causes the penis to “rise” during an erection is cut, which will give the average man an extra inch or so, but at the same time he won’t be able to “stand at attention” when aroused anymore (although he will still be able to get “hard” when aroused). Penis extenders work by forcibly stretching the penis, and by extension, this tendon (instead of snipping it completely), so that over a long period of time, the penis can gain a bit of length. If this sounds a bit harsh, it’s because it is. As if this isn’t enough, penis extenders must be worn for hours at a time to experience substantial results. Penis weights and manual penis stretching exercises work using the same principle, but are effective to different degrees.

Are Penis Traction Devices Safe or Healthy?

In a short answer, traction devices are safe if used correctly, however it’s easy to injure yourself during use, especially if you don’t have an expert to help you out.

Penis Traction Devices are healthy if you don’t mind not being able to “stand up” the way that you used to before. Stretching out the tendons that keep your penis “at attention” won’t cause the same damage as surgery, but you still won’t be able to “get it up” the same way.

Are Penis Extenders Cost-Effective?

When compared to the thousands of dollars that you may spend on surgery, yes, penis extenders are cost-effective, because the most popular and stable models start in the $400-$500 range.

However, when compared to natural male enhancement, no, penis extenders are not cost-effective, and are certainly not time- effective. Natural male enhancement is also far less embarrassing to use, at that. If you consider that natural male enhancement will provide safer, more permanent results in only a few seconds each day (as opposed to hours), and if you consider that natural male enhancement is proven to be more effective than penis traction, then you will realize that the choice is a no brainer.

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