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Zyrexin Review – #1 Super Sex Pill TEST?

WORK Although the term “Male Enhancement” might seem like a pretty simple phrase, it can actually mean many different things to many different men. Some older men, perhaps, want to enhance their ability to produce testosterone like they used to. There’s a pill for that (several, actually). Some want to make their penises bigger, even when flaccid (and there are pills that claim to do that, too).

And then there are the pills which promise to make men better lovers. Their claims can range from helping men produce larger, longer-lasting, harder erections, to boosting their energy levels and libido, and even might promise to help them last longer in bed. Zyrexin, the self-proclaimed “#1 Super Sex Pill”, promises all of these things. But does it deliver? Well, this review aims to find out.

Zyrexin’s Super Ingredients

The active ingredient in Zyrexin, which has actually been causing some controversy lately, is Yohimbe extract. In correct doses, Yohimbe extract is a safe, natural, dependable male enhancement product. However, in recent years, men have suffered heart attacks and even died from taking male enhancement products that contained too much of the extract, had contaminated Yohimbe, or were otherwise poorly manufactured.

These additional ingredients also contribute to the male enhancement experience promised by Zyrexin:

How Much Does Zyrexin Cost?

Zyrexin is available through many different retailers, and therefore will come with a different cost depending on where you prefer to shop. Certain popular drug stores sell it, such as CVS Pharmacy ($17.99) and Walgreens (priced by store). For whatever reason, it was previously but is no longer available at Wal-Mart.

Naturally, Superbalife International also sells their product straight through the Zyrexin website. They have a series of “today only” specials going on, with the cheapest package starting at two bottles for $29.95. Strangely, when we checked their Terms & Conditions to see if this online deal came with an automatic enrollment in monthly auto-shipments, all we saw was Lorem Ipsum Latin filler text.

Our “WTF” Moment with Zyrexin

Yes, we admit, the lorem ipsum was strange (and quite possibly illegal), but that wasn’t what really made our research team go “WTF” when checking out this product. That honor goes to Fred Buckley, President of Superbalife International (the manufacturers of Zyrexin).

Don’t get us wrong, anyone who looks like a sleazy car salesman from 1986 probably knows a heck of a lot about what it takes to get a flaccid penis up and running again. We would never question his knowledge of the market, or what we assume is his intimate knowledge of Zyrexin. But we are a little uncomfortable trusting someone who resembles a sleazy car salesman from 1986 with our disposable income.

So, How Effective is Zyrexin?

Well, there are several pieces of evidence one could point to if they wanted to make the argument that Zyrexin could be a good buy. For one, major retailers such as CVS and Walgreens aren’t afraid to offer these pills to their customers, either online or over-the-counter. Secondly, it’s fairly cheap compared to similar products in the market right now. And lastly yohimbe extract can be fairly effective for male enhancement – in the right dosage, and if you get it from a reputable manufacturer.

The keyword in that previous paragraph, however, is “reputable manufacturer”. According to an internet search, it does not appear as though anyone has suffered any serious side effects from taking Zyrexin – yet. But would a reputable company place Latin filler text in place of its Terms and Conditions on their website? Obviously, that’s for potential customers to decide. We’re just reporting the facts so that men like you can make a well-informed decision about their health.

We can also offer some alternatives if you’d like to take a look at our Top Picks!

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