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Different Kinds Of Sexual Enhancement

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Many people think male enhancement begins and ends with the somewhat questionable penis pills (we’ve reviewed and ranked the top penis pills that actually work) that are usually found within our e-mail spam folders and the back pages of magazines. In fact, male enhancement products are much more than these pills. There are several types of pills that can improve your sex life; here is a quick rundown of them all.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a problem that most men would never think could be treated with a pill. In fact, there are several PE treatments that come in pill form. A new pharmaceutical- which is still in testing phases across the world- is being developed that can slow down the ejaculation process. It is already being sold in some countries under the brand name Priligy. Some doctors will prescribe an antidepressant for those suffering from severe premature ejaculation problems- the idea is that antidepressants help relieve anxiety, which is the leading cause of premature ejaculation.

There are also over-the-counter herbal treatments for premature ejaculation. The best of these supplements work very similarly to the prescription alternatives- they help relieve anxiety and also help maintain self-control.

Semen Enhancement

Most people who have a mid-level knowledge of sex know that eating different foods (such as dark green vegetables, pineapples, and citrus) can influence the taste of semen. Believe it or not, there are actually pills that can enhance, or even add a fun flavor to the taste of semen with regular use. These pills are completely safe and are wholly based on common herbs, fruits, and vegetable extracts that are used every day in kitchens worldwide.

Semen Volume Enhancement

When it comes to semen, most men aren’t concerned with taste, but they are concerned with semen quality and volume. There are pills that help increase the volume and quality of semen production, and also help decrease the refractory period (the time it takes to get “it” back up after ejaculation).

Sexual Enhancement/Sexual Stimulants

Some products work to help stimulate sexual activity; in other words, they help you “get it up” a lot faster, and they also help you have stronger, firmer, longer-lasting erections. Although there are a few pharmaceutical products available that serve this purpose- Viagra and Cialis are examples- there are thousands of herbal products that accomplish this same thing. Most of these herbal products include ingredients to stimulate blood flow; for this reason, it’s very important to speak to your doctor before using any male enhancement product- natural or not.

Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement pills use natural herbs to maximize your sexual ability, but also cause certain hormone levels within your body to increase naturally, which will cause gradual penis enlargement if conditions are right. What conditions are those? Penis enlargement works best when coupled with a healthy lifestyle- including a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep routine. Some penis enlargement pills demand that you follow a strict no-masturbation or ejaculation routine for 30 days in order to see results, since this ensures a proper hormone balance within the body. Also in most cases, results can be sped up by integrating an effective penis exercise routine.

A good penis enlargement pill doesn’t only help you maximize the size of your equipment; it also fulfills the purposes of all these forms of male enhancement in one. It can be hard to know which penis enlargement pill is the best for you, since there are literally thousands of products on the market, with each promising outstanding results. We’ve made the job easier for you by doing the research and ranking the top penis enhancement products on the market today. Click here to see our rankings.